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Can You Guess How Old This Delightfully Hot Man Is?

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How are you feeling this afternoon? Bored? Frustrated? Impatiently waiting on the weekend? Well, we are here to make your day MUCH better.

Take a look at this hunky Singaporean man who has become a worldwide phenomenon pretty much overnight. Apart from his boyish charm and extremely sexy V-cuts *drool*, what will shock your knockers off (pun intended) is his age. This man you see below is 50 years old.

We’ll let that sink in while you take a look and drool with us.


The gentleman you see here is Chuando Tan, former Singaporean model and current photographer.

Chuando was a model in his heyday (as opposed to now…?), who then moved behind the lens and is now part of the famous photographer duo, Chuando & Frey.

He also runs his own modelling agency (what a hard life, right?) and dabbled in Mandarin pop music when he was younger. Phew.


If you’re wondering…whaaaaa? How the hell? Well, so are we. Apparently and evidently, Chuando and Frey are both fitness freaks who can often be found working out before and after client meetings and shoots — health is wealth and all that.

I mean, being healthy and fit is all well and good, but our question is how has this man defied the natural process of ageing? There has to be a secret potion or a Blood Boy, like in the TV show, Silicon Valley, right?



Frankly, we don’t care how he looks like this, as long as he does, and as long as he keeps sharing these drool-worthy, half-naked pictures of himself. I guess some with clothes on are nice too…



You should check out his account for some of his stunning work as well…if you can tear your eyes off his…err, body.

GOOD luck!


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