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Girls, Here’s Why You Need To Join The #AintNoCinderella Campaign NOW!

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Every now and then, we hear harassment stories that make our heart sink and instil a sense of fear that is hard to let go of. A recent event in Chandigarh did exactly that.

Varnika Kundu, a DJ, was stalked and was almost kidnapped by the sons of two BJP leaders. But, no points for guessing that they are out on bail and have not been held accountable for their amazing deeds.

On top of that, the Vice President of BJP, Ramveer Bhatti went on to make a statement that girls should not roam the streets at 12 am and should be home on time. Hmm… why are we even surprised? Politicians saying such things have become a regular feature.

Post this idiotic statement, as a fantastic slap in the face, girls have been posting their selfies on Twitter with the hashtag #AintNoCinderella, depicting that no one has the right to tell them when to come home and when to not. It is a strong stand that girls all over the country are trying to take and we, at Hauterfly applaud the initiative.

Join the campaign, coz this one definitely needs to trend!












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