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A Groom Dissed 2020 In His Wedding Vows And Mother Nature Responded With A Bolt Of Lightning

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As kids we were often told that no matter where we are, what we may be doing, god is always looking at us. A statement that inculcated a sense of panic in me, a thing that I think was a brilliant ruse by my parents to keep me in check.

And while we may want to write sonnets and poems and unending essays about the misery that 2020 has brought with it, we’d advise you to stop right there, because turns out mother nature is really listening in, for it didn’t take too well to a groom saying the same in his wedding vows.

During a private and small ceremony in Boston, as the groom started saying, “Let’s face it—2020 has not been the best year,” the nature got its cue to put the guy in line because in an incredibly cool/scary co-incidence, lightning strikes the background the second these words left his mouth. It was  almost as if it were orchestrated, the entire moment became a testimony to his statement itself and left the guests and the bride and groom speechless.

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The video that was shared by the groom with a witty caption read, “Mother nature has one wry sense of humor. Thankfully no one got electrocuted and we finished our vows before the rain started!”. Safe to say, the little clip has now gone viral and giving people quite the chills. Clearly, dissing 2020 in the year 2020 is not the way to go, and we know better now! He further shared with NBC Boston that, “Denice had just finished saying her vows, and I started talking about mine, and just as I started saying my vows, I mentioned 2020, and of course, the skies opened up, and lightning hit right across the cove from us.”

The happy (and spooked) couple, Aaron and Denice Sawitsky later shared how when they talked about 2020 not being the best year, they meant, “What I was actually referring to in my vows is Denice lost her job this year. And she handled it with incredible strength and grace. She’s back employed once again.” But after much struggle, several delays in the wedding itself, they’ve finally tied the knot and wishing the year doesn’t bog them down with any more surprises!

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