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7 Things You’ll Relate To If You Think Children Are Cute But Don’t Know What To Do With Them

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My cousin just had a baby girl. She is so adorable, it is crazy. Like any other person, that is the first thought that came into my head. Then they forced me to play with her. So, there I was uncomfortable AF holding a kid like I would hold a dirty football with my entire family staring at me. So yeah, that is me! I wouldn’t go as far as saying I like children, but they can be cute (but only when they aren’t in my direct vicinity!) Otherwise, they are messy, stinky and their shrill voice makes me wish I was deaf. So, this children’s day instead of celebrating these adorable beasts,let’s talk about how we think they are cute but have not a clue when it comes to dealing with them.


  1. You like making funny faces at kids but the minute they come close to you, the first thought that crosses your mind is “Wait, what does she want? Why is she coming in this direction and all” and “Shoo, shoo child!”

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2. You could watch baby videos all day long and coo at your phone, but you get so uncomfortable with a real baby in front of you. You will pspsp at them, make a couple of faces and then just stare awkwardly at the child.

3. You could listen to your friends talk about their babies for hours and yet when you are left alone with the child, you have no idea what to do with them. I mean, you can’t do the whole “Awlelele mera baccha,” thing. Also, you wonder if it is okay to say they are boring AF – they just spit and poop and eat. And cry!

4. When you look at a kid, you think, “okay that is a cute baby.” But as soon as they start howling you are glad it isn’t yours. Also, you would rather pay extra and take another flight if there is a child on it.

5. When you tell a parent their child is adorable you mean it. But you get super awkward when they ask if you would like to hold it. What annoys you the most is when they just shove the child into your arms! Then, you are just standing there awkwardly holding it far away from your body and getting death stares from the parent.

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6. Memes where babies are eating are adorable, but have you seen a baby eat in real life? It is truly horrifying. Why on earth do they think it is a good idea to smear cake all over their face? And why is the mother making a video out of it instead of stopping the child?

7. Children are evil little creatures. They are dolls when you’re just looking at them sleeping. But OMG when you get any closer to try and play with them, they turn into the devil. You know they will pull your hair, keys, earphones etc etc. And if you pick them up, you will live in fear of them peeing or puking on you!

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