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5 Times Shashi Tharoor Gave Us English Lessons

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Honestly, social media isn’t the place to go to for any sort of schooling on grammar. Mostly because people consider it perfectly fine to do away with basic language rules. In fact, with the advent of memes and emojis, language itself has been done away with. However, if you’re an old person with respect for complete sentences and coherent grammar, you might find a comfy place for yourself in Shashi Tharoor’s Twitter account. The very vocal politician is extremely active on this platform using it to talk politics and other subjects.

He’s an interesting person on Twitter and some of his tweets are rather cheeky. But perhaps what has caught the nation’s fancy is his interesting use of words that have long fallen out of favour. Some that we wouldn’t know of at all, if not for Mr. Tharoor. A great example of this was when he tweeted:

This one tweet was fodder for many memes, and had most people glued to his account hoping to find something interesting.

On 10th April, he introduced…

There are several other times when Shashi Tharoor schooled us on some English. Here are examples.

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