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#Inspiration: Pune’s Viral Street Stuntwomen “Warrior Aaji” Might Soon Teach Martial Arts To Women. Netizens Helped Sonu Sood Connect With Her

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Whoever coined the phrase “act your age” must have not met any cool older people who are actually young at heart. Or maybe they did but were so offended with their “devil may care” attitude towards life that it propelled them to put their superficial idea about age out into the world. Well, I for one can say that age is nothing but a number and I say this after coming across so many too-cool-for-school elderly people.

Last time it was a 93-year-old granny from the US who put up a “I need more beer” sign that went viral and then there was Milind Soman’s mom who did push-ups on her 80th birthday and skips in a saree with an ease you rarely find in young people. These women are so inspiring and are a living proof that age is what they put in forms at the bank and defines nothing. Netizens love these badass women too and that’s probably why their inspiring videos pulling off these cool things that they do go viral in a nick of time.

This time, the granny who has won our hearts is this 85-year-old woman who may look like the sweet old aunty that lives next door to you but, in reality, is far from being ordinary. Meet Shanta Balu Pawar, a resident of Pune whose video of doing laathi stunts on the street in a saree went viral a few days ago. She performs stunts on the streets of Pune to make a living and, might I say, she totally nailed the martial arts with her laathi.

There are women in their 80s doing all that, while I can’t even yawn without getting a sprain in my neck. And I am only in my 20s. WTF! Anyway, moving on.

The video soon went viral and netizens were obviously amazed at how good she was at the complex self-defence technique and lauded her. The video caught the attention of actor Riteish Deshmukh who called her “Warrior Aaji Maa” and asked twitter users to connect him with her.

Here is the tweet.

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People were quick to respond and many shared the contact details of Shanta Bai with the actor. Aishwarya Seema Kale, the woman who filmed her performing the stunt also commented to Riteish’s post. The actor soon shared an update that he has connected with her thanked the people who helped him with her contact.

The very next day, actor Sonu Sood who recently has been helping the daily wage earners and people who have been in need of anything at all, also wished to reach out to her and said he wanted to open a training school with her so she can teach her self-defence techniques to young women. He shared the video on his twitter account and captioned it, “Can I get her details please. Wanna open a small training school with her where she can train women of our country some self-defence techniques.”

If this happens, if she gets to train women in martial arts in a school, this would be the most amazing thing to have happened in this lockdown for two reasons. One, the hard work of this incredible woman will finally come to fruition and secondly, she would be able to impart her skills of self-defence to young girls so they can protect themselves.

The fact that she was doing this to support her family in the lockdown truly breaks my heart. There are so many people who are struggling to make ends meet during this time, but only a few are lucky enough to get some kind of help like this lady here. Thanks to social media and the person who filmed her and shared it, she will hopefully be able to support her family with a steady income.

Also, let’s not forget this is a classic example of good use of social media. This is what happens when we use social media for the good cause instead of trolling and abusing—people are acknowledged and applauded for their incredible skills. Well, I can’t wait for the day when someone posts a photo of her teaching martial arts to young kids in school. Till then, let’s celebrate the fact that this granny is now a social media star.

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