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Japleen Now Sleeps Stylishly In These Uber Cute Pajamas

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No matter what outfit I wear, there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than putting on my night-suit. I can buy all the skirts, dresses and tops I want, but at the end of the day, my pajamas are my best friend. So, after I out grew my previous set of pjs, I desperately searched for new ones after a few unhappy days of wearing my tracks. I wanted something that looked adorable but was super comfortable too. Instead of making a beeline to Jabong this time, H&M answered my prayers.

The hype for the store is real and the clothes are a class apart. When my eyes landed on these cute jammies, I knew I had to own them. The soft cotton material ensures that I’ll slip into sweet slumber instantly. The star pattern looks perfect, almost in sync with the stars in the sky. I opted for a set of pajamas that covered my legs and arms because I feel cold even when I’m under a blanket!

The fact that the top looks so stylish with raglan sleeves, I can actually wear it with denim shorts or rolled up jeans next time I go for a casual lunch! I am certainly going to show them off at my next sleepover or take them to camping with me. One thing is for sure, on my next vacation, they’re definitely going with me.

SHOP NOW: Available at H&M stores across the country. 


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