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This Pretty Hairband Is Taming Baishali’s Wild Mane

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My hair has a mind of its own. No, really. Sometimes, it will fall beautifully, framing my face like it’s been professionally styled. And on other days, my mane becomes this giant mass of hair that, try as I might, will not be tamed. Unfortunately, most days are like the latter. Fortunately, I don’t care. I’m gonna rock my mad mane, I say to myself, until, of course, I spot myself in a mirror *facepalm*.

So I do all sorts of things to tame my hair — use frizz-control serum and clip it up when it’s wet; tie it up into a bun; pull it back with a clip, and so on. But I’ve finally discovered an easier and prettier way to make my hair at least look civil on days it ups the crazy. This beaauuutiful hair accessory — the gold leafy hairband.

Isn’t it so pretty? The cool thing about this band is that you can hide the actual band with your hair and choose to show only the leaf detailing — the off-centre look really adds to the girlie appeal. You can either push the band from your forehead up or place it in the middle of your crown for a more boho-chic look. Trust me, this one is a much cooler option than the overdone flower crowns. Style this accessory with a flowy and floral maxi dress or even with a lehenga during the upcoming festive season. It’s a definite head-turner.

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