Nappa Dori’s Latest Collab Is The Perfect Excuse To Shop

Lugging around anything other than a lightweight backpack at a music festival is probably one of our biggest learning lessons in life. Cross body bags — while chic — do tend to give us sore shoulders, especially when you’re squeezing a lot of essentials into them. Plus, a single-shoulder ache is uniquely uncomfortable. IMHO, the only way you can cut the agony and embrace the festival spirit is by putting away all those essentials in a safe place, and what better than a cool backpack to solve this problem.

Enter Indian accessory brand Nappa Dori, which has collaborated for the second time with Magnetic Fields Festival to create a limited edition backpack in keeping with the festival’s underground vibe and fashion forward spirit. The Nappa Dori Magnetic Fields Festival Backpack 02 is a black cotton canvas bag accentuated by screen-printed vinyl motifs and tan leather. The handcrafted piece is fastened at the top by drawstrings and a leather clasp.


magnetic-fields-festival-backpack-Nappa-Dori 1_Hauterfly

Nappa Dori Magnetic Fields Festival Backpack 02

The bag is currently available to pre-order on Nappa Dori’s website, and will be delivered post December 10. Alternately, if you’re heading to the festival at Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan on December 18th, you can also pick it up at the venue.

SHOP NOW: Nappa Dori Magnetic Fields Festival Backpack 02 (Rs 3,600)

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