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Myntra To Relaunch Its Desktop Version In June!

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If you’re an online shopaholic, the news about Myntra turning into an app-only fashion store must have killed your vibe. Myntra took the decision citing a better user experience and has claimed to have 70 per cent growth through its mobile application. They also built a fashion community through a number of initiatives that were launched on the app.

Nonetheless, despite its popularity, India’s urban consumers probably didn’t take to the change as well as expected. Though Myntra concedes through a communique that the brand has seen a huge number of app users unlike online shopping (which is highly convenient), I think shopping on an app only is not something Indian consumers are used to. Not just that, it is also tedious and time-consuming. In my experience, an app does not offer great visibility of products. Also, scrolling on an app to check for your favourite products is extremely hectic.

And now, after about 10 months of retailing as an app-only e-commerce store, Myntra has decided to relaunch its desktop version. Starting June 1, the brand will open its website to consumers once more. The fashion store decided to re-visit this strategy so as to multiply the shopping platforms for their consumers. According to an internal study by the brand itself, this new strategy will help them expand their customer base by 20 per cent by allowing this flexibility to its consumers. We couldn’t be happier with this news, because it means we can now link to all the great stuff on the platform in our shoppable articles once more!


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