Hautelist: 5 Monsoon Must-Have Footwear So Your Rainy Season Is All Rainbows And Sunshine!

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Thanks to Bollywood, we’ve all managed to romanticise baarish ka mausam and while it’s all rainbows and unicorns in films, IRL, not so much. It’s not fun and games when we have to step out in the monsoon and get mud on our feet which also spoils our favourite heels, btw! And that’s precisely why all of us need some rainy season footwear in our footwear collection. FYI, you can’t be wearing the same monsoon footwear every day with every outfit. That’s a fashion sin and that’s why we’ve got some monsoon must-have footwear that every woman must invest in.

5 Monsoon Footwear To Invest In!

1. Clogs

Crocs is synonymous with comfortable footwear and ICYMI, the iconic clogs from this brand are water-proof. And guess what? You can customise this footwear and glam it up with Jibbitz charms to suit your style. The clogs from this brand are comfy, and lightweight and are available with platform heels that can protect your feet from dirty water.


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2. Airy Sandals

Bata has a whole range of rain-proof footwear that includes shoes, sandals, flip-flops and much more to pick from. A pair of light and airy monsoon sandals from this brand can be your go-to footwear to wear with flowy dresses.


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3. Slip-Ons

Ortho+Rest has some stylish and durable footwear and while they’re not rain-proof, they’re perfect for this season due to the durability it has to offer. And what makes it even better is the fact that all footwear from this brand comes with medically approved insoles to provide cushioning and prevent foot aches among other things.


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4. Sliders

If luxury fashion is your thing, then Birkenstock sliders are just what you need. The brand offers a range of flexible, lightweight and waterproof sliders. Plus the brand promises a comfortable footbed for your feet to rest in as you travel the city in this baarish.


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5. Gumboots

Monsoon is the only season when we get to make a splash and get away with it and you can’t do that if you’re not wearing gumboots to keep the dirty water away from your feet in style. If you’re looking to invest in a pair of cute gumboots for the rainy season, you can check out the stores at Hill Road, Bandra and if you’re too lazy to do that, Amazon has some options to pick from.


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Splash in style this monsoon season in these chic rain-proof footwear styles.

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