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6 Hacks To Increase The Life Of Your Shoes

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There are a few things that everyone guards with their lives. For some it’s their jewellery, for others it’s the new LBD. For me, it’s my shoes. I think they deserve tons and tons of love. Heels, sneakers, peep toes, platforms, boots, etc., are there for you when no one else is, am I right? So they deserve some TLC. To be honest, I have been guilty of throwing them here and there, or removing them with the laces still tied, and what not. Habits like these tend to destroy your sole-mates, slowly but surely.

To avoid that, scroll down to see 6 easy hacks that will make your shoes live longer than your next-door aunt.

1. Always Put Them Back In The Box

If you really care about your shoes, keep the boxes they come in. It is a little extra work (and space!) but keep them back in the box after you have worn them — trust me, they will remain as good as new for a long time. These boxes are like their beds and the tissue it comes with, their blanket. Let them be comfy!

2. Invest In Soles

Instead of buying a new pair every now and then, keep a stack of soles with you. Most cobblers sell it for dirt cheap. Just replacing the sole can make the shoe look brand new!

3. Repair Immediately

When you get hurt, you cater to the wound then and there, right? The same should go for your shoes. As soon as the heel breaks or you see a tear, run to the cobbler. The more time you keep it sitting wounded, the shorter it will live.

4. Be Nice To The Cobbler

Don’t get over-friendly but give him an extra tip now and then. If the cobbler is happy to have you as a customer, he will fix your shoes on priority.

5. Spray With Water Repellent

Water repellents can protect your shoes from a lot of damage. Just spray some on before you wear them, and for most part, they will work their magic. Be careful while doing this on leather, though. You don’t want them to get too wet!

6. Stuff Them With Newspaper

Instead of giving all your old papers to the rag picker, stuff some inside your shoes. This will protect the interiors and help retain their shape for years to come.


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