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#HauteHack: How To Prevent Your Bra Straps From Showing

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How many racerback tops have you relegated to the back of your closet because you can’t wear them without your bra straps showing? I totally think that bra straps — especially those ridiculous transparent ones that were all the rage a few years ago — look pretty ugly when they show prominently on a racerback tee, no matter how pretty those neon pink straps may look. Sorry ladies, but it’s a fact. Racerbacks are for showing off toned shoulders, not the strap. Get those tops out now and flaunt them with this super simple #HauteHack that hides your bra straps perfectly.

Put on your bra and make your straps slightly loose. Use a paper clip to slide one bra strap through it and then proceed to fix the other the same way. Now they’ll both be held together in the centre with a single paper clip. You’ll notice that the clip holds your straps so well that they won’t come out until you remove them. Put on your racer back and voila!


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