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Sexy, Colourful Blouse Designs That Will Take The Basic Black Saree To The Next Level

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It is common practice to match our blouses with the boundary of the saree they are attached to. Barring ready-made sarees, the blouse piece is usually already matched and most women just stick with what they are given. This is especially true for black  sarees. They can be tricky to experiment with and the matching black blouse remains as a safe option.

Our favourite celebrities are changing it up though and we love how they are experimenting with the basic black saree. Though a black blouse still remains the popular choice for the same, some celebs are doing it in fresh and innovative ways. They are all non-traditional and unconventional, which is a look we sometimes need to get out of a fashion rut!

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Many Colours In Stripe

Sanya Malhotra’s multi-coloured blouse is a good fit for all-black sarees. Apart from silk sarees, that have their own quaint charm, solid black ones paired with a heavy-on-colours blouse makes for a happy and youthful ensemble. It also quickly switches it up from an evening outfit to a day one.

Luxe Gemstone Hues

Gemstone hues look absolutely luxurious with black sarees. Colours from gems like ruby, blue sapphire, emerald and amethyst are some of the rich hues that are in vogue and look very classy.

The Classic Bangla Blouse

Here’s the TL: DR, the classic Bangla Blouse looks awesome with any kind of saree. This full-sleeved and loosely-fitted blouse is also a great pick for the black sarees and we are so on board!

Beautiful Beading Details

The spaghetti and tank ganji-style blouses are a summer favourite this season. For sleek black sarees, the slight change up in the matching blouse is enough. For instance, we love Radhika’s glittery blouse upgrade in this look!

Top/Shirt Blouses

The casually fitted shirt and top blouses are a part of ethnic minimal fashion and haven’t really been given their due, in fact, they are grossly under appreciated. Raveena’s monochromatic ensemble is smart, it can also be worn to work!

What are some of your favourite blouse trends? Let us know!


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