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#HauteHack: Here’s How You Can Fix Slippery-Soled Shoes

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Ever owned a pair of chic shoes but dread walking fast in them for fear of tripping, falling or landing directly on your face? Trust me, I feel your pain. I know what it’s like to stow away a perfectly good pair of sandals just because they have slippery soles. And no, the brand does not matter here. Shoes with plastic and leather soles usually tend to be slippery, so much so that they sometimes make you want to take them off and walk bare feet!

Now this whole shoe situation can be scary. Also, it is quite embarrassing to trip and fall in front of people, not to mention the bruises it can leave you with. But should you avoid that stylish pair sitting untouched on your shoe rack just because you fear falling down? Hear me out when I say the answer to that is NO!

Why restrict yourself from wearing those super-cute Oxfords that you found on sale when you can fix its slippery soles by trying out this simple hack. And here’s the miracle product you need: Sandpaper! Yes. All you need to do is rub the bottom of soles with a piece of sandpaper until you wear out its smoothness. Sandpaper works as an abrasive, making the surface of the sole rough and therefore not slippery smooth. Et voila! No more slipping and tripping.


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