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Here’s Why ‘Mirror Now’ Anchor, Faye D’Souza, Is Superwoman Without A Cape

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know of the name Faye D’Souza by now. She’s that kickass, powerhouse of an anchor who has zero f*cks to give and is not afraid to take on just about anyone — whether it’s a religious leader or our very own BMC.

Last month, Faye shut down Muslim cleric, Maulana Qasmi, when he told her to come to work in her underwear. The debate, airing on the Mirror Now, was about actresses like Fatima Sana Shaikh and Priyanka Chopra being slut-shamed for what they wore.

In an act of what can only be called superhuman patience, Faye, without losing her cool, fought back to Qasmi, calling him out on his sexism, telling him that she’s not afraid of him, and asking him to leave her studio.

*mic drop*

And Faye is back in the news for standing up for Red FM RJ Malishka, against whom the BMC filed a defamation case for her satirical and extremely catchy song Mumbai Tula BMC Var Bharosa Nai Ka. 


Faye once again hosted a debate on this issue and brought up some pertinent points, including the basic fact that Mumbaikars want to get home to their families in one piece, spend time with them instead of on the roads, and the fact that all our politicians want is our money and our votes, after which they fail to do their jobs. Truer words have not been spoken.

“There is zero respect for life in this city. You respect our money. You take our money for everything. There is a tax on everything…we pay to run the state of Maharashtra.”

Watch the full clip of her, excuse the language, bajao-ing the ruling party.


All we have to say is that if this woman doesn’t inspire you and make you feel proud as hell of being a woman, then nothing will. Where were you all our lives? Respect, Faye, respect.


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