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Did You Know You Could Now Order Pizza While Travelling By Train?

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One of my favourite childhood memories revolves around travelling in long distance trains and eating the delicious food served on the Rajdhani. The journey, sitting cross-legged on a train berth with your family and diving into the yum food they served, was as much fun as the destination itself.

But of late, the quality of the food has hit an all-time low, with a watery dal, stone-like paneer, and tasteless chicken for dinner. Just when I thought of never travelling by train again, and since flights have become more convenient, the Indian Railways won over my heart all over again.

IRCTC has tied up with various fast-food chains and restaurants to deliver food on the Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, and this service started yesterday. McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Punjab Grill, Haldirams, Pizza Hut, and Nirulas are just a few of the names on the roster.

You can pre-order your food on the website here and make your train rides so much fun now! Orders can also be placed on the phone by calling ‘1323’ or via SMS by texting ‘MEAL’ followed by PNR number to ‘139’. Plus, cash on delivery is also available.

Another reason to book your tickets now!


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