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#HauteHack: How To Clean Silver Jewellery In A Jiffy

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Recently, I had to step out to attend a sudden pre-birthday bash for a friend. And as I was putting together my look, I realised how tarnished my silver jewellery had become. That’s when it struck me; while I give all the time of the world to my wardrobe and my shoes, my jewellery hardly ever receives much of my attention. Blame it on my busy schedule or my almost-always minimalistic sartorial approach, cleaning the baubles in my jewel box has never been a priority for me. Until now of course, because I’ve taken up a resolution to dedicate one Sunday in every three months to pamper the accessories that I own. And with some serious online browsing, I’ve come across this great hack that will keep my silver jewellery looking as shiny as new.

I remember trying this hack I learnt from a silver jeweller in my hometown Kolkata: apply tooth powder with the help of a soft cloth to clean up pieces of silver jewellery. While it works perfectly (yes, I’ve tried it multiple times), it does get a little taxing to use on tiny studs or nose pins. So when I stumbled upon this DIY online, my first thought was YAY. Frankly, there’s nothing better about hacks than using ingredients that I can pull out from my home cabinets. And this time, that easily accessible product is ketchup. Yes, you can clean up your silver jewellery with ketchup; take a bowl of ketchup and dip your silver pieces in it. Remember not to keep it for more than 5-7 minutes, as the acid from the tomatoes can damage the piece. Once you’re done with it, use a toothbrush to scrub the silver jewellery and watch the tarnish fade away. Rinse using warm water and pat dry using a tissue. Voila! Silver jewellery that you’re ready to receive some compliments for.

Isn’t that a super easy, super cheap trick? I’d like to know if the hack works for you; share your thoughts in the comments below!


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