These 12 Cute Accessories Will Make Sure Your Hair Is Up And On Point This Summer

The only thing I and probably every girl I meet around is looking to fix this Summer, is their beautiful long locks. I mean with the chubti jalti garmi making every passing day worse for us, the idea to zip lock our hair into a tidy top knot is the only thing we’re dreaming about. While none of us wanna make ’em hair look shabby and a nest for birds, there are multiple ways to get you going strong with your hair game. Hence, we have listed down for you 12 fun hair accessories that will do the duties of keeping your hair, miles away from your face and most importantly look super *cute* too. So, let’s dig in.

Claw Clips

A Pinterest and Instagram favourite design, claw clips are literally saviours to seal thy hair. From fun prints, and a wider mouth to a longer silhouette, you can suit your hair type with a perfect match and say goodbye to the heat. Also, you might wanna try Rachel Green’s signature bun with this one. Shop Here 

Hair Bands

Honestly guys, I have been dying to see the era of traffic-stopping hair bands back on the internet. I mean, come on, they were surely big when Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’s Anjali wore them only to say “Rahul is a cheater.” So ladies, shuffle through your age-old vanity bags and dig out those funky colourful hair bands. Shop Here 


Der se hi sahi but scarves have officially found their permanent position in every kitty. A celebrity favourite too, printed silk scarves are not just as good looking as my crush, but are great to maintain tangle-free hair. Also, its versatile nature would want you to use it as a top, hair accessory and picnic spread too. Isn’t it great? Shop Here 


A rishtedar of the hair band family, bandanas are Summer 2022’s most popular accessory. Something that even Deepika Padukone trusts to dazzle on the Cannes red carpet, printed bandanas can be your next favourite Summer hair accessory. Shop Here 


While scrunchies have taken the ‘done to death’ spot on the internet, we can’t just simply ignore the services they offer. With cuteness overloaded and ease of tying, scrunchies will always remain a favourite in every season. Fun fact, using silk scrunchies can help reduce friction against your hair, causing absolutely no hair breakage. Shop Here 

Funky Hair Glove

Much like its name, hair gloves have been enjoying love from a niche category of buyers. But let me tell you that these fun ponytail holders can elevate your Summer look and literally have heads turning to take close notice of this unconventional hair tie. These fun hair gloves usually come in different shades of leather for a tighter grip and can help keep your ponytail secured for long.

Chignon Pin

Chignon, bun or spin pins are many versions of a sturdy hair accessory that allows you to create a neat bun and decorate it too. These hair wraps are both pretty and come in handy during hot summer days, when you want for the hundredth time your bun to not open. Shop Here 

Banana Clip

A favourite hair accessory of 1980s, banana clips do a fab job of both sealing the hair and experimenting fun hairstyles too. And for the lovers of this particular accessory, get excited ‘coz it is finally getting a Gen-Z treatment. Shop Here 

Waver Clip

Much like the banana clip, waver clips come in the shape of smooth waves with rounded edges to offer comfort and ease of styling to the wearer. Invisibobble’s waver clip is interestingly water and sweatproof, which makes it an ideal piece for Summers. So don’t forget to pick this, the next time you go hair accessory shopping. Shop Here 


I have known about these side release clips from a pack of around five of them, always resting in my grandmother’s dresser. This particular hair accessory is a veteran in the category. But with the internet generation giving its very own spin, side release clips or even barrettes are now available in much cooler avatars, like marble finish, candy shades, and especially this year’s favourite pearl core trend. Shop Here 

Ribbon Wraps

Ribbon hair wraps always give me a feeling of a forest fairy (lol). The popularity of these beautiful wraps in accessory kits today is only rising, and we credit its ease of usage, and super cute hairstyle outcomes. Plus, unlike the uncomfortable plastic ties, ribbon wraps don’t come in a fixed size or shape, which is a quick fix for literally every kind of hair. Buy Here

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Bun Covers

I am currently obsessed with bun covers. An accessory that even Sonam Kapoor approves for us, bun covers work well with both casual and formal looks. Be it a sundress or a saree, you can literally work out a fab bun with these quirky covers that come in different designs and shapes. We love it! Buy Here 

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