These Bakers Are Making Cakes Inspired By Designers Like Sabyasachi And Now We Want Dessert

There are three things that will never fail to unite women everywhere… fashion, food and foundations! These things are individually so appealing, imagine our joy when the worlds happen to collide. That is exactly what happened when we stumbled upon a post shared by the Sabyasachi page on Instagram. There exists, in this world, a cake that was fashioned after a Sabya lehenga, and it is a dead ringer!

A Bangalore-based cake designer by the name Joonie Tan has been a mentor to some very talented students! Her mentees can’t pay homage to Indian designers with their cakes, one of them being Sabyasachi. This is the first time we have seen a cake so pretty, we don’t want to eat it.

Created by Chef Radhhika Oberai, the cake is one of many novelty designs she has created. She dedicated the delicious bake to Sabya. “It’s an honour to be given this wonderful opportunity of creating a cake taking one of India’s most renowned designer’s dress as inspiration, a fashion genius the man Sabyasachi himself. Your an inspiration sir and I feel immensely happy that I got this opportunity to recreate a cake design on one of your most beautiful creation.”, she elaborated. The different layers of the cake were decorated in statement elements of the Sabya look. We honestly want a piece from the tier that’s fashioned after the blouse. We hope it’s vanilla!

Another one of Joomie’e mentees, Chef Anupma Agarwal, picked Tarun Tahiliani to fashion her graduation cake on. The sleek black cake features floral detailing from the outfit, with the top two tiers dedicated to the statement jewellery. It’s even got a cummerbund!

The idea of turning elaborate ensembles into cakes is something we can definitely get on board with. Joonie herself is guilty of creating mouth-watering novelty cakes based on fabulous outfits.

…also, is that white chocolate? Props to the cake decorators for their labour of love draped in gorgeous icing, it looks yummy!

On a side note, novelty cakes based on designer pieces are great, but there is one creation that will always reign supreme for us. And that is this Christian Grey cake that came out way back in 2015:

Need a better look at it? Check out Jamie Dornan (Mr Grey!) take a bite out of himself (*wink*), when the cake was presented at a show. Enjoy!


Sumona Bose

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