Fan Theory Suggests Samantha Jones From ‘Sex And The City’ Could Cameo In ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3. Tv Gods, Make This Happen!

Fan Theory Suggests Samantha Jones From ‘Sex And The City’ Could Cameo In ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3. Tv Gods, Make This Happen!

The second season of Netflix’s popular show Emily In Paris has garnered mixed reactions from fans across the globe. While some talk about its fashion, some others about the interesting addition of new characters in the narrative, but what certainly we didn’t see coming were some fan-created theories. Yes, that’s right! Ever since its release, the show is being compared with the infamous Sex And The City for several things. And now offering a common juncture for the audiences of the two shows, a fan-made theory of Samantha Jones’ whereabouts is doing the rounds on the internet. And we might be interested in this possible crossover with Sex And The City’s PR guru.

In And Just Like That…, it was established that Samantha is now living in London and no longer friends with Carrie Bradshaw, since star Kim Cattrall declined to appear in the sequel series. While, in the finale episode of Emily In Paris season 2, we saw Emily making some important life decisions. Yes, (a spoiler alert) Emily was invited back to Chicago after her boss Madeline Wheeler found it impossible to work with the staff at Savoir, and fired Sylvie and the rest of Savoir’s staff. Sylvie is then seen establishing her own marketing firm, as she offers Emily to join her, courtesy of her talent.

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While we still have to wait for a year or so for the third season to help us find out Emily’s decision, there is the slightest possibility of a surprising set-up in London. I mean, why not, Emily is dating Alfie, a British banker, in season 2 and as portrayed in the last few episodes, Alfie too will be heading back to London in the coming season and suggests he and Emily have a long-distance relationship while she remained in Paris (yes, since Gabriel is anyway with Camille). Since London could play a role in a potential third season, fans began wondering if it was possible for Emily Cooper to cross paths with Samantha Jones.


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Stating the same, a few fans exchanged the plot line of their dreams and tweeted, “Current theory: Samantha has supposedly moved overseas, hence her lack of presence in the new SATC TV series. Then she shows up by total surprise in a crossover episode of EMILY IN PARIS. I would watch Samantha try to tolerate Emily, 100 percent.” “It would be wild if Emily went to see Alfie in London and ran into Samantha Jones,” suggested another. “Omg yes! Adding Kim Cattrall to [Emily in Paris] would be an awesome move. She’d have to be Samantha. Do it do it do it do it do it,” mentioned the other. “It would be deeply chaotic and entertaining if Darren Starr hires Kim Cattrall to be Emily in Paris’s boss (London-based?) named Samantha in an upcoming season,” tweeted another fan.

Darren Star, the mind behind the two popular shows, has still not responded to these fan ideas (which I believe can be very interesting to watch). However, Emily in Paris still hasn’t been renewed for a third season, but we’re sure it will, given the dramatic end and its growing popularity. And what I am hoping right now is for Darren Star to make some space for the tweets in the new plot line. Because why not? The meeting of two marketing gurus (while Emily is still in the process of being one) is what we’re cheering for. Right?

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