‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 6: Fans Can’t Get Over The Marvel Comic Book Accurate Version of Kamala Khan’s Powers!

‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 6: Fans Can’t Get Over The Marvel Comic Book Accurate Version of Kamala Khan’s Powers!

Okay, before I begin, SPOILER ALERT, guys! You might want to save this article for a read after you’re done watching Ms Marvel finale episode. Earlier today, episode 6, the finale episode of Ms Marvel premiered on Disney+ Hotstar and ever since then Twitter has been flooded with reactions from what people think about the episode. Despite the rather dull episode 5, the series managed to live up to our expectations of a season finale. And not just that, it won us over with the way it ended things with this much-loved South Asian female superhero. While fans are really happy with the show now, this wasn’t the case earlier. Before the release of the show, the Marvel and Ms Marvel fans weren’t very happy after there were rumours about MCU’s version of Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel. For the longest time, there were speculations that the MCU version of Kamala Khan won’t be the same as the comic book character and that had left the fans extremely upset.

In the Marvel Comics Kamala Khan has stretchy abilities much like Reed Richards but in the MCU version, she has energy-based powers much like Green Lantern. While the fans couldn’t stomach this for a long time, it didn’t take them too long to accept this superhero with her superpowers created with some creative liberty. If the rumour mill is to be believed, Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan’s powers in the series have been changed as her stretching abilities work in comic books but it wouldn’t be doable on-screen and would be much much tricker for the VFX team to create. But this new change seems to have been welcomed by the fans even if it came with some grumblings and low-key drama. However, episode 6 seems to have come as a surprise for all the fans who wished to see a more comic book accurate version of Kamala’s powers. In the episode, Ms Marvel “embiggens” using her energy powers to battle the Department of Damage Control as they continue to fire upon her and Kamran and fans just cannot keep calm.

Take a look at what fans had to say about this.

Most fans just couldn’t get over the fact that Kamala Khan used the term and actually said, “embiggen”.


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Several users just couldn’t get over the visuals of the finale episode.

There were also those who couldn’t help but notice the X-men connection and the fact that Kamala is a mutant!

Tweeple also wondered if they’ll get to hear Ms Marvel use the term “embiggen” again and if season 2 of the show will come out at all.

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FYI, embiggen means to enlarge. This term was originally coined by The Simpsons in an episode in 1996. And now our favourite South Asian female Marvel superhero Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan has used it to describe her superpower, her ability to stretch or enlarge parts of her body. With the usage of the term and morphing into a gigantic version of herself, Kamala Khan now has all the powers of her character from the comic books of shapeshifting and manipulating her own body but MCU has altered it a little and made her do it with the help of energy.

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