‘Four More Shots Please!’ Season 3 Review: Third Round Of Shots, And The Monotony Is Starting To Hit Us

‘Four More Shots Please!’ Season 3 Review: Third Round Of Shots, And The Monotony Is Starting To Hit Us

Stories of women, their life journey and sisterhood are beautiful to watch. Television and films have a way with people and their stories and we’re all here for it. And guess what? Our favourite four ladies are back with season 3. Yep, I’m talking about the Emmy-nominated Amazon Original series, Four More Shots Please! The much-awaited season 3 of Four More Shots Please! produced by Pritish Nandy Communications and directed by Joyeeta Patpatia is here. After the dramatic end in season 2, season 3 continues to dive deeper into the lives of Damini Rizvi Roy aka Dee, Umang Singh aka Mangs, Anjana Menon Khanna aka Anj and Sidhi Patel aka Sids played by Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kriti Kulhari and Maanvi Gagroo. The four unapologetic, uninhibited, free-spirited women are back with their crazy love lives, slip-ups, life lessons, sisterhood and much more. Four More Shots Please! Season 3 premiered on Prime Video on October 21.

The Story of Season 3 of Four More Shots Please!

After a chaotic and dramatic end to the girls’ lives in season 2, they’re back. Season 3 of Four More Shots Please delves further into the lives of Dee, Anj, Mangs and Sids as they continue to explore the world and make blunders while falling back on each other for love, support and care. This season dives deeper into the lives of the four ladies, 6 months after the end of season 2. Dee takes up a job that she doesn’t enjoy. On the other hand, her relationship with Jeh is steady as she urges him to move in with her. Umang tries to start her life again after she left Samara Kapoor at the altar. Her father refuses to accept her sexual orientation and Mangs struggles to get a loan to start her dream fitness studio. This is where Sidhi comes in as she offers to be Mangs’ business partner after her plan to move to New York for her comedy course took a backseat following her father’s death. But the tension between Sidhi and Sneha rises after the latter gets friendly with a widower. Anjana continues working with Shashank after everything that happened but the friction between them leads to issues in their workspace as well. While she struggles to work with Shashank, Varun lands in trouble after Kavya finds out from Arya that he kissed Anj which results in him getting thrown out by Kavya. Ab baaki bhi idhar hi padh loge kya? Watch the series to find out what happens next.

Cast And Character

Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kriti Kulhari and Maanvi Gagroo slip right into their roles as they reprise their characters. Bani J’s Umang aka Mangs will steal the show as she lets her inner Punjaban out. The story of her coming out to her parents and dealing with the aftermath is empowering yet heartbreaking. Her emotionally harrowing scenes were the highlight of her character graph.

Sayani Gupta put her best foot forward and displays her acting skills as she takes you through the chaos of Damini aka Dee’s life.

Kriti Kulhari’s Anj character graph is more chaotic than the series itself as she continues to make blunders, the actress has surely outdone herself.

Maanvi Gagroo’s Sidhi shines in her role as usual making her much more likeable. Overall, the ladies seem to have done a good job without stealing each other’s limelight.

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Prateik Babbar is just as hot and handsome as ever while Jim Sarbh replaces Milind Soman as the thirst trap. Sushant Singh, Amrita Puri, Simone Singh, Neil Bhoopalam, Jiya Lakhiani, Sameer Kochhar, Rajeev Siddhartha and Prabal Panjabi bring more to the show than the script itself. While they did add more sass to the season the spice was still missing, no thanks to the bad writing and direction.


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Verdict: Messy, Chaotic And Ridiculous But The Dialogues Are *Chef’s Kiss*

In all honesty, if it weren’t for amazing performances, there’s nothing much that would keep you hooked through the 10 episodes of this monotonous season of Four More Shots Please! While the old characters seem to have grown but their character arc doesn’t arc much. It seems like Mangs, Anj, Sids and Dee continue to do stupid things and the unnecessary lust and horniness continue. While we love how free-spirited these women are, unnecessary mess, chaos, craziness and sex really need to end. That’s not what makes modern women modern and independent. It feels like their stories just won’t move forward. What started off as a great season ended with the girl gang back to square one with no growth whatsoever. Season 1 gave us hope but season 3 gave us monotony and nothing more. It’s like someone gave us the same old wine we’ve been drinking for ages but told us it’s something new but oh well, same old same old. Some characters in the series seemed to just suddenly go off track and have a personality revamp which is too tough to digest. While it does explore new concepts and relationship problem and lesser talked about things but the makers did not explore it well enough. It was a hit and a miss, more so because it was half-baked.

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Four More Shots Please! Season 3 manages to send across the same old message that women need to be unapologetic and ignore social norms and continue living their lives on their terms irrespective of the judgement, the thing is that that’s the message it has been giving us in the past 2 seasons. The not-so-monotonous lives of Anj, Mangs, Sids and Dee are really starting to bore us out of our minds and have us saying no more shots, please! The cinematography does deserve a mention and appreciation for doing a kickass job. But in terms of storytelling, this season doesn’t have much to offer. TBH, Devika Bhagat’s writing isn’t bringing much to the table but Ishita Moitra’s dialogues are rather unforgettable. It has some adorable yet emotional dialogues that will make a mark along with some touching moments and hilarious moments but in terms of entertainment and escapism, it doesn’t bring much to the table. While the plot is rather scattered, the dialogues really did win hearts and the visuals made us smile so, some brownie points for that. But in all honesty, can the lives of these women just move beyond them having mindless sex and making crappy decisions and going right back to the place where it all began with nothing new to offer. FYI, I’m giving it half a star just for Jim Sarbh thirst trap!

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 is sugar and sass but nothing nice with no spice and nothing to look forward to! But it’s worth a watch for the sake of good dialogues and eye candy!

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