Deepika Padukone Takes A Dig At Influencer Freddy Birdy’s Sexist Post On Her Clothes And It’s Bang On Right!

Deepika Padukone Takes A Dig At Influencer Freddy Birdy’s Sexist Post On Her Clothes And It’s Bang On Right!

Women and their outfit hemlines have always been equated with earth-shattering issues. Whether it be their choice of dress, its length or even the age parameter that rushes in to judge the hemlines, every little bit is served with hate. I mean, it’s 2022, and some people are still concerned about a woman’s dress, really? While women across the world have been through it all, especially actresses are frequent targets of many online trollers and sexist commenters. A recent example of this is actress Deepika Padukone and influencer Freddy Birdy’s online tussle. It all happened, when popular influencer Freddy Birdy, dropped a sexist post on Deepika Padukone’s upcoming release Gehraiyaan’s promotion outfits and wrote, “Newton’s Law Of Bollywood – The clothes will get tinier as Gehraiyaan release date approaches,” and a part of his caption also read as, “Necklines and hemlines are Gehraiyaan.”


Taking a dig at the nasty comment, actress Deepika Padukone shared a post on her Instagram story that read as, “Scientists say, the Universe is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, they forgot to mention morons,” with a ‘#IYKYK’ (If you know, you know) sticker.  And we definitely agree.

While this was not enough for dear Freddy, he further shared Deepika Padukone’s story post and mentioned, “The first non-fake comment in Deepika Padukone’s entire career.” And we wanna ask Freddy, why would you do that?


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Further, the so-called influencer made his public Instagram account private, courtesy of Deepika Padukone’s fans who came running in favour of the actress. With fan tweeting, “What’s wrong is how so many losers like Freddy Birdy let go passing wrong comments on a woman’s outfit and then say arre joke tha…he is a public figure and doing it in social media imagine what bullies like him do in private,” and another user tweeted, “No it’s not right….he is an influencer if he is wrong he should be pointed out…sexist joke pass karna is not funny…how dare he disrespect women…”


While fans’ outrage at the sexist comment was justified, what it further turned into wasn’t expected. Many actresses including Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma who are often spotted sharing Freddy’s sarcastic posts (which he is known for), kept their distance from the particular sexist comment, but actress Mrunal Thakur found herself in trouble. It all started when, Deepika Padukone’s fans accused Mrunal Thakur of liking the sexist post by Freddy, followed by which the Jersey actress responded to Twitter reactions that called her out for supporting such behaviour and said, “Dear Mrunal, while you are talking about spreading love, on the other hand, you like a post trolling or rather slut shaming your colleague. With due respect, if you don’t like getting trolled, you must also not enjoy when someone else is at the receiving end.” Responding to a fan comment, Mrunal took to her Twitter handle and commented, “Get well soon.” She further tweeted, “Bhai you are so mentally sick I wish I could get you some flowers and slam it on your face and thank you for spreading hate! Just to let you know I admire Deepika. Having said that I feel you must get yourself a life, rather than sitting at home and spreading hate, spread love!” Further responding to her comment, the user wrote, “Mrunal Thakur replied to me.” To which Mrunal responded, “Had fun? Maaza aaya (Was it fun)? Now eat good food, go for a run and make friends who love you. I never encourage the troller but I honestly feel sorry for you. Take care sweetheart I pray this tweet changes you a bit and make you a better human.” To which the user reacted “Haa even I’m trying to be better human but you are not even trying to be better human mam.” Mrunal replied, “So help me I’m all ears!”


Okay, now that was quite heated up. While, we ain’t sure if Mrunal Thakur being a target was something we wanted to see, all we hope post this drama is dear Freddy understanding that what needs to find a limit is his sarcasm and not the hemlines or lengths of any woman’s outfit. Rest, Deepika Padukone is the Queen and no one can change that.



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