Exclusive: “I Bought My First House At 21”, Karishma Tanna Highlights The Importance Of Saving Money

Ladies, hear her out!
Exclusive: “I Bought My First House At 21”, Karishma Tanna Highlights The Importance Of Saving Money

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for women to financially make themselves independent. Having your own money and a stable source of income lets you achieve anything you want in life without being dependent on anyone. Many female celebrities on Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminists have shared their opinions on this topic and how they planned their finances. Recently, the Scoop actress Karishma Tanna talked about financial literacy and also shared her father’s advice to her when she had started earning money,

Karishma Tanna On Financial Literacy

Like every other female celebrity. The Male Feminist host Siddharth Aalambayan also started a conversation on financial literacy with Karishma Tanna. On this, the actress recalled her father’s initial advice to her when she started to earn money. She said, “When I got money, my dad used to say, don’t spend all of it or go gaga over it, you should save. Keep little for yourself, for  god and invest.” However, Karishma  Tanna had dreams of buying a house and a new car, so she went on to buy her first house in Mumbai’s Goregaon when she was just 21 years old. The actress also talked about how she valued her own money but loved spending it on her father, mother and sister. She added that it made her feel empowered and she had a strong desire to fulfil all of her parent’s wishes.

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Karishma Tanna also spoke about her early teenage life and her transition from TV to OTT and films. She expressed her feelings after Scoop’s success and revealed some BTS stories too. From casting couch to her intimidating personality, and relationship green and red flags, you can watch the entire episode of The Male Feminist with Karishma Tanna here.

Ladies, start securing yourself financially, it is very important!

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