From Kalki Koechlin To Sanya Malhotra, 5 Celebs Who Highlighted The Importance Of Female Pleasure!

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The taboo around female pleasure widely exists in India and is a very hush-hush kinda topic. However, nowadays, the conversations around it have comparatively increased. This is also because of the films and series that make content around the topic of female pleasure. Many actresses who have graced Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist show have also opened up about the importance of female pleasure and also kept forth their opinions on why it needs to be normalised in society. From Kalki Koechlin to Divya Dutta, many actresses shared their thoughts on the same and also talked about their experiences with it.

Kalki Koechlin

The Made In Heaven actress featured on episode 41 of Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist. In a very candid conversation with host Siddhaarth Aalambayan, the actress shed light on topics like female orgasm and post-birth sex by sharing her own experiences. She also talked about a woman’s pleasure from oral sex and how some men lack the basic decency to understand that. The actress highlighted the importance of female orgasm and also talked about masturbation.

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Sanya Malhotra

The Jawan actress Sanya Malhotra expressed her disappointment with society when it comes to talking about female pleasure openly. In The Male Feminist episode, Sanya also talked about the lack of sex education in schools and strongly condemned the fact that female pleasure is not given due importance in the patriarchal society.


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Divya Dutta

As per Divya  Dutta’s opinion on this topic, everyone should normalise the conversations around sex and pleasure. Sharing her personal experience on the same, Divya Dutta highlighted the importance of having conversations about sex and romance openly with partners too!


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Uorfi Javed

On Hauterrfly’s Yeh Ladki Pagal Hai, Uorfi Javed had an honest and candid conversation with host Pavni Mehrotra. The social media star stressed on the importance of women exploring their own bodies and learning more about orgasm. She also talked about having safe sex and more!


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Sakshi Sindwani

Famous body positivity influencer Sakshi Sindwani also shared a similar opinion to Uorfi Javed on the Yeh Ladki Pagal Hai episode. She also called it the greatest pleasure that every woman should know and feel!

It is quite important to understand the needs and wants of women too when it comes to sex!

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