Editor’s Desk : We Are All Loving Sex Toys Now. What A Great Start To The Weekend

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The weekend is almost here. I mean, it’s about 10 butt-slogging, ass sweating hours away but hey, it’s almost here and that’s a reason to celebrate. *takes a sip of wine* What? As if you are not day drinking. Anyhoo, today is an exciting day at Hauterfly. Actually, every day is but today we are talking about sex toys and that’s just, well, sexy.

According to reports, sex toys are selling a lot more during the lockdown. Now I am not entirely sure that this is because of people who are single and no one to get it on with or this is because couples everywhere are looking to spice up their sex life because all other aspects of life are as interesting as a wet blanket. Everyone is indulging in some basic machinery in bed and I think that’s exciting. Like I am vibrating with excitement. Khee khee, had to throw that in.

By the way, still legit angry at this vagina cleaning device.


Besides the very interesting news about sex toys, the other thing we found out is that Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are being investigated for allegedly having bought followers on various social media platforms. Now we don’t know why the police is just waking up to this. As anyone with an account on a social platform will tell you, there are plenty of people who are peddling followers for a teeny, tiny price. So, yeah, followers are going at the rate of a dime a dozen. Why would these guys buy followers? I mean, aren’t they like popular? Yes, they certainly are but what having more followers means is that you can grab endorsements, deals and charge for a single Instagram post for most people don’t make in a year. While we are not sure if the celebs are buying followers, what we do know is that there are plenty of people who call themselves influencers who have certainly done some sort of trading here. Let’s see what happens. *grabs popcorn*

*drains the glass of wine*

Okay, see you on the other side of the weekend.

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