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Editor’s Desk: The Good News Is, The End Of This Year Is Only 5 Months Away

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Mondays have never been fun but in 2020 they have been abysmal. I mean, there’s literally nothing to look forward to. Unless you’re a fan of constant worry and favour feeling dreadful, this year has been a series of letdowns. And that’s why I decided to really emphasise the silver lining. I know it’s so bleak you can barely see it. It’s so faint and unreal, it seems like it isn’t really there, but it is. And what I am going to say is important, so lean in. 2021 is only 5 months away. Yes, only 5 months. We’ve lived through a bulk of this year, in lockdown no less and if you’ve made it till here, it only gets better from now, so let’s not be shrinking in fear any more.

That’s not to say you take off your mask and dump all your sanitisers with gay abandon. It’s definitely not that. I’m saying, let’s look at it like we are well on our way to putting this past us. Of course, there is a chance we won’t see our work friends for a long, long time. That we won’t go out and share a beer any time soon but hey, you’ve to hope.

On another note, we are covering a bunch of things over at Hauterfly today. But while most Mondays are brimming with stories, this one was relatively quiet. But Dil Bechara released and this was Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie so we are doing a review on that- an unbiased one – so tune in for that.

We are also talking about Lilly Singh who put out a video and several posts about self-love and if you know us at Hauterfly, we are going to talk about that till the cows come home and coronavirus is just a suggestion – basically, a long time.

What I am saying is, hang in there. It gets better from here. But I also thought this would all go away in April, so I don’t think you should take my word for it. But hey, it’s a positive way to look at it, so start counting. 5 months…

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