Men Got Candid And Share What Takes Sex From Good To Mind-Blowing

Men Got Candid And Share What Takes Sex From Good To Mind-Blowing

I know several people are incredibly selfish in bed and I am not talking about those who take up the entire space. Okay, I am that person who sleeps on her bae’s side cuddling with him, while he is living life on the edge of the bed. We are talking about those people who don’t care about their partner’s pleasure. Us good ones are not like that. In fact, knowing that we are the reason behind our partner’s moans gives us so much happiness. We are always seeking sex advice.

This is precisely why I am quite focused on making my sex game better. It doesn’t matter how good you are in bed. Or if you are not, it’s okay, you can learn. But if you are in a heterosexual relationship, it’s difficult to understand how a certain sex move can make them feel. The way we – men and women – feel things is so different.

I believe in communicating with one’s partner about their likes and dislikes in bed, you know, almost like a feedback post our sex sesh. However, sometimes, they may not get brutally honest. Reddit, in such situations, make for such a great platform as people unabashedly put their advice and opinions out there for the world to consume.

So when someone asked men of Reddit to give women sex advice, they got down to business. And I must say, we got some really good sex advice here.

Build the anticipation

In fact, it works both ways. I get turned on the best when bae has been flirting with me much before we actually start our romp in the sack. “Subtle hints throughout the day like a kiss on the neck, or I want you tonight, or grab our junk as you look us in the eye with that I know you want me look or whatever your guy is into,” a user wrote. Play footsie under the table, whisper dirty nothings into his hear and make him wait for it.

Pamper your man

I have heard so many guys complain that they don’t get enough romance from their partners. Somehow, women tend to undermine men’s need for affection. “Men need romanced too. Give us some affection. Let us be the little spoon. I’ve never had a gf give me a foot massage, they sound awesome when your moaning how good it feels. We also need foreplay as much as you do. Edit. Not really sex advice I guess, but the guy might give better sex if he feels appreciated once in awhile, just like women do,” a user expressed. Kiss the fuck out of every inch of his body.

Touching is a big turn on

Again, I have heard guys say that they don’t get touched enough. You know how we liked to be touched all over and not just on our boobs and vagina? Run your fingers through his back, touch and kiss him everywhere. “As I got older though I started to notice that I never really got touched and after playing with boobs and booty for a while, and having sex with some awesome people, I realized affection and passion is what I really wanted. Don’t get me wrong, boobs and booty will always hold a special place in my heart but I really enjoy a hand on my chest or her grabbing the back of my head and ramming my face into her vag. It’s the little things that really make it special,” a user wrote.

Up your blow-ball game

A user dropped quite a technical advise, “Playing with balls mid coitus. IDK how this became a thing but it seems like women just started doing it the past few years. It is awesome.” Another one revealed how he likes his blowjobs. “I like blowjobs that are unrushed and sensual,” he wrote.

Be horny

“The sexiest thing a woman can do is to be very clear she is up for it. Even if it’s just plain old vanilla missionary – you telling me you want it is the sexiest thing. That’s what lingerie or whatnot does: it tells your partner non-verbally that you want him. So please signal that you are up for it,” a user wrote. Well, it is nice to know your partner wants it. You know, not like okay chalega types. They really, really want it. So show your horniness, without hesitating.

Another user added, “The best sex I’ve had has always been based on the woman enjoying it. For example, when a girl knows how to ride it just right to get herself a nut, it’s breathtaking. Or when a girl is sucking you and you can tell she is enjoying it. My advice is, just focus on getting yourself off, and we will enjoy the show.” Well, works for us, I guess!

Be confident

Another guy said how confidence can be sexy. “Be more confident with your body. Your pussy isn’t gross, your boobs are amazing. If we are doing the deed we’re obviously attracted to you,” he wrote. I mean, it’s not like women signed up for body image issues voluntarily. But it is true that we must discard the robe of insecurities like it’s 2020. “Work on your self esteem and confidence. If we make it to having sex for most men we want it and remember we dig imperfections because we ar imperfect. It’s our imperfections that make us perfect,” another guy agreed.

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Don’t stop when he is coming

Tried and tested – this is possibly the best technical sex advice you will get. “When your guy starts cumming don’t stop what you are doing until he finishes or asks you to stop because it gets too intense. If you’re giving head and don’t want to swallow swap to your hand and keep going through it. It’s the same for us as it is for you. Can you imagine if a guy just stopped when your orgasm starts, it would be crap,” he wrote. Don’t stop when he is coming. It takes the orgasm from great to mind blowing.

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