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Dating Quiz: Where Is Your Casual Relationship Headed?

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The thing with many of us is that we just don’t know how to do casual relationships the right way. We don’t understand the boundaries and just let all our guard down. And this we do with a casual lover who wants no commitment. But when someone really wants it, we keep our guards up because we were hurt and we want to tread lightly. Only if we could practice that cautiousness in casual romance!

Unfortunately, I do catch feelings. I am doomed but save yourself! And if you have already caught feelings or the confusion has perforated your heart, welcome to the bandwagon. Don’t take it lightly though, a breakup with a casual lover hurts too.

Where is your casual relationship heading? Will it just die down? Is it getting complicated? Or things are about to get serious? Take this quiz to find out.

Mostly As: You will grow out of it

You both know how to keep things casual! And if you decided on your relationship being that way, there is no point in doing things that make you develop feelings for each other? Of course, you like them but it doesn’t mean you can’t pack your bags and walk away when your paths diverge. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and so must your fun casual relationship. But you are already aware that letting go of them will be slightly difficult. However, in no time you will have another cutie. Who knows you are already mingling away!

Mostly Bs: It will get complicated

Oh boy, you are developing feelings, aren’t you? I’d say your love interest isn’t unaffected either. They love spending time with you, and you’ve come really close. There’s more to your casual relationship. Each time you kiss, you feel butterflies in your stomach. When you cuddle, you feel you are in the safest place on earth. And yet, you don’t know where you stand in their life. So you are afraid and chances are they are too! Address the elephant in the room before things go out of hand. And with the looks of it, you don’t have much time left because you are already walking on the path that leads to love and falling head over heels. Hopefully, they’ll be there to catch you.

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Mostly Cs: Things are about to get serious

You didn’t expect this to happen but life takes its own course. Whether you like it or not, you both seem to have fallen for each other. It’s not a casual relationship anymore! You are already behaving like you are in a committed relationship and nobody gets it why you guys aren’t acknowledging it. This is what love feels like! Or maybe it is not love yet but it definitely is a lot like love! Now, humans are fucked up people and love doesn’t guarantee commitment. Enjoy these moments and have a conversation with bae to see if they are on the same page.

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