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Dating Quiz: Does He Like You Genuinely Or Is He Just A Fuckboi?

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What makes fuckbois the most charming of the lot? I think it’s their experience. You know how you get better at your job with time? They have dated so many different types of women – of all shapes, sizes, likes and dislikes. For a moment, you take them to be a psychology’s understudy but no honey, the only PhD he has is in fuckology. But really, it’s not easy to spot one. Or are we just in denial?

Usually, your friends can call the potential fuckboi out in your life but your head is in the cloud of his charm. Every dark cloud has a silver lining though. For instance, the sex will be good and without strings attached. If you want that. Let me tell you, not every guy who seeks casual sex is a fuckboi. It’s completely okay, as long as both of you are on the same page and he respects you.

A fuckboi is the guy who treats you like trash, leads you to believe it’s just you when he has been right swiping every girl on the dating app. It’s the leading on a bit that makes him a fuckboi. He ignites emotions in you and then acting like he didn’t know of the whole feeling factory that was being set up right under his nose. These guys just aren’t worth it. I like men who are honest about what they want and then act like it. So how do you know if you’re dating a fuckboi? Take this quiz to find out.

Mostly As

This guy is such a sweetheart. Fuckboi? Only if that means fucking you with the sweetest intentions ever. Like why are you even taking this quiz? Don’t be a dodo and learn to trust people a little. I understand, past experience with fuckbois had you laughing at that but hey, there are good guys as well. Like this one you have RN. He deserves a kiss emoji!

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Mostly Bs

Well, he may or may not be a fuckboi. But he isn’t serious or very attached to you yet. That or he has a huge desire for privacy and personal space. Either way, go with the flow but don’t get too attached too soon. I’d test the waters a bit before diving in.

Mostly Cs

He has been making you fall for his charm with no intention of catching you. His arms are too busy embracing the many flirting opportunities coming his way. Why is so secretive about the person he is texting? Why are so many women so impressed by him? Why do his friends tease him to be a fuckboi? Well, unless he is an undercover agent, he has no business acting so shady. This guy probably leads the Fuckboi Secret Society, don’t be one of his conquests.

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