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10 Signs That Your Boyfriend Actually Likes His Female “Friend” More Than He Cares To Admit

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An ideal relationship for me is one in which we are not just lovers but also best friends. I would want to be his feeling of home, his confidante, the one he can pour his heart to, and more. Of course, I want my partner to feel the same for me. And as much as I’d say I am okay with it, I won’t be okay if another person has already occupied that place in his life. I just feel there are boundaries to how close you can be with a “friend” and if you like them more than your partner then something is wrong.

Nobody likes sharing their partner and if you feel like you are, then maybe it’s time to reflect on the situation a bit. Are you simply being possessive? Or is there something really going on? There are chances that you’re overthinking and they are just good friends. But what if you’re feeling is not baseless and he is actually crushing on her? Honestly, it’s not completely odd to develop a little crush as long as he doesn’t pursue it or it doesn’t blow up into something more. Here are 10 signs that he has a crush on his female friend.

  1. He knows more about her than you

When it comes to you he says he is terrible at remembering things. Neither does he take interest in knowing what you do throughout the day or notice how your eyes light up when you talk about cats. At this point, your paanwalla knows you better than he does. But when it comes to this “friend”, he is just one semester away from completing his Ph.D. on her. This could be because they’ve known each other forever, but if he’s not curious about you, then it’s a red flag.


  1. He seems jealous of her dates

Every guy she goes out with is apparently not good enough for her, according to him. He is always pulling those guys down because he is jealous. Meanwhile, here he is looking at his own girlfriend like she is a cauliflower and his friend like she is broccoli – exotic and good for him.

  1. He talks about her often

When we like someone we tend to talk about them pretty often. You feel she pops up in your conversations far more frequently than comfortable. It almost feels like there is a third person in your relationship. Chances are your feeling is right!

  1. But often forgets to mention they were chilling

You know the drill now. When he becomes unavailable for hours and barely texts you back, he’s probably chilling with her. If you ask him, he’ll make it sound like he just forgot to tell you they were going to hang.

  1. He either overshares or doesn’t talk about your relationship at all

You know how the shoulder to cry on becomes the next girlfriend/boyfriend? We all know too well. He confides in her about your relationship, letting her in a space that should have been ideally just yours. That or he keeps you completely off any discussion at all just so he appears/feels more single when he is with her.


  1. He would never want the two of you to hang out

Who knows what things you guys end up discussing and what lies get uncovered in the process? He wouldn’t want you two to bond because if tomorrow he has to make a crazy ex-girlfriend’s image of you to gain sympathy, how will he?

  1. He seems to prioritise her plans over yours

It doesn’t matter how important it is for him to be with you, if he already made a plan with her he won’t cancel it for you. I mean, what kind of relationship is this if he is putting someone else before you? I am not saying you should be making him hang out only with you. But when you really need him, he should be flexible. And if he is doing it for another girl, damn I would see it as a bloody red flag.

  1. He can never say no to her

He is going out of her way to help her out and being there for her like he did for you, when he was trying to impress you. He just enjoys of being of assistance to her. On the other hand, if you ask him to do a simple thing, he acts as if you asked him for his kidney.

  1. He carries his phone around like a limb

He will forget to take his towel when he goes in for a shower but his phone remains attached to him like an extension of his hand. It is where his attempts of conscious or subconscious flirting with him are saved and he wouldn’t want you to find out. Or he is so engaged in a conversation with her that a break would just kill.

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  1. He gets really mad at you if you confront him or say anything against her

Okay, so he gets uncomfortable and super defensive because it doesn’t want to admit the truth, to even himself maybe. And because he likes her, he puts her on a pedestal and you on level b1. Oops!

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