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Indian Women On Twitter Are Calling Out Gynaecologists For Diagnosing Them With “Unmarriedness” Instead Of Treating Their PCOS

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Indian women share a very complicated relationship with their gynaecologists, especially unmarried women. I remember back when I was unmarried, going to a gynaecologist would make me cringe, not because he would take a look at my vajajay but more because he would ask me if I’m “active” (he meant sexually active) and if I said yes, it would be met with some judgement and it’s not like we can lie to a doctor, can we now? But that wasn’t all. I remember I would have severe menstrual cramps, to the point that it would disable me for a few days and instead of actually doing something about it, the gynaecologist would simply say that it would get better after marriage and this was back when I was barely 13 years old and had just got my periods. And for years, I continued to suffer from these period cramps and every gynaecologist would say the same thing until one doctor finally found the real reason and treated it. But this isn’t anything new for us women. Being unmarried itself seems to be a problem with Indian gynaecologists. Recently, a Twitter user pointed out how gynaecologists just diagnose unmarried women with “unmarriedness” and it’s relatable AF.

Taking to Twitter, a woman pointed out that gynaecologists look at an unmarried woman in India and simply diagnose her with “unmarriedness” as a medical condition. She went on to add that every time she tells her doctor about her PCOD and other symptoms, they simply tell her that it will all get resolved after marriage.

I mean, sure, sex may solve a lot of our problems but one doesn’t need to be married for it. Plus c’mon, when has marriage ever resolved a real problem, let alone a medical condition! But it was shocking to see soo many women relate to the tweet. Netizens on the microblogging platform went on to share their own similar experiences where doctors told them that marriage and childbirth would resolve their medical condition. As if it’s a miracle drug or something!

I fail to understand why this doctor was speaking to the parents of the patient…whatever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality.

So, I should suffer the pain of childbirth to get rid of the pain of menstrual cramps?

Oh well, we’re so used to sexism. Ab aur kya hi bolen!

What better solution than adopting a man!

The best idea ever.


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Doctor’s version of Shaadi kar lo beta

Isn’t it easier to just write a prescription for marriage? Why give us meds jab shaadi is the solution?


A refund and compensation too.

Guess, the doctors need a degree change.

TBH, I agree. A doctor suggesting marriage as a treatment for a medical condition could be liable for a malpractice suit in most countries but not in India because we believe that passing judgements and giving unsolicited life advice is our birthright. But IMHO, if you can’t write it on your prescript receipt and the medical record, don’t say it either. Also, can we please normalise doctors not knowing something and being unable to diagnose a patient and RECOMMENDING them to someone else instead of giving this kinda advice?

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