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Neha Dhupia Wants To Normalise Breastfeeding By Desexualising It And We Think It’s Highly Needed!

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I wasn’t too sure about where I stood on the breastfeeding debate at first. I was okay with mothers having to feed in public. But when celebrities put up these pictures of themselves looking immaculate and feeding their babies, I couldn’t help but think it was just another eye-grabbing publicity stunt. However, stunt or not, I realised that as long as it was amplifying the message that breastfeeding is normal helping more women not be ashamed of it, it was worth it. A woman’s breasts aren’t just objects to sexually fixate over. They are mammary glands that serve an important biological function and must also be respected for that. Actor Neha Dhupia has joined a list of celebrity mothers who are trying to normalise breastfeeding by desexualising it.


The actor, who is also the founder of a parenting initiative called Freedom To Feed, posted a picture of it herself breastfeeding her daughter Mehr. What prompted this was the recent experience of a mom blogger, Anandita, aka. @crazylilmum, who received a sickening comment on her Instagram post about breastfeeding her child.

The mother of two boys shared a post which contained screenshots of a lecherous man asking her to post a video of her breastfeeding. In the caption, she talked about how she is a firm believer that she has the right to breastfeed her child wherever and whenever, and the man needed to be taught a lesson for his indecent behaviour. Can you see the irony here? Men are the ones sexualising women who are simply giving their child food, and they want to blame these women for public indecency!


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The blogger mom soon shared another post where she thanked Neha Dhupia for amplifying her message, and also shared how the man, after being publicly called out, had followed the usual script of offering apologies and so on. Typical.


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In her caption, Neha Dhupia thanked Anandita for calling out the man, and through that, other people as well who sexualise such a pure, maternal act of breastfeeding.


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It’s a kid having a meal, you guys. Can you imagine someone sexualising every time you put a spoonful of food into your mouth? Or asking you to cover your face when you’re eating because, oh I don’t know, you make a lot of slurping noises? Then why should children have to go through that? Why should mothers be embarrassed to breastfeed their babies in public or even have to cover up when they are home?

Some days, I am glad we don’t ask women to push out their babies but with their legs crossed in a more ladylike fashion!

Here’s hoping more celebrities talk about normalising breastfeeding, and not just for the likes, but to make a genuine difference and empower other mothers too.

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