Man Calls Out Sexism And Racism On Oscars Stage, Asks Why Guneet Monga’s Speech Was Interrupted

He definitely has a point!
Man Calls Out Sexism And Racism On Oscars Stage, Asks Why Guneet Monga’s Speech Was Interrupted

The Oscars 2023 has ended but there are many narratives over it that are still doing rounds on social media. Many people have initiated discussions that need attention as such little details go unnoticed since we are busy looking at the bigger picture. Recently, a  video doing rounds on social media is pointing out subtle forms of racism and sexism that happened on the Oscars stage this year, and that intrigues you, actually. The video points this out by comparing two winning speeches on the stage, one by Indian producer Guneet Monga and the other by two British filmmakers.


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The video shared by a Twitter user asks some very relevant questions that most of us failed to have even noticed. The world is changing but has the concept of racism been entirely eradicated from the world? This video shows us that maybe it has not! In the video, the man points out that when Guneet Monga went up to give her winning speech for the documentary short film The Elephant Whisperers, she was interrupted halfway through with soothing music, which was basically a cue that she had extended her time limit.

However, just after that when British filmmakers of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse went up to collect their awards, both of them gave their winning speeches and were not interrupted even once. The man in the video questions this inequality and racism on the Oscars stage that was so evidently done. In fact, he also went ahead to add Guneet Monga’s backstage speech as proof that if she was given time, people would have heard an empowering speech from the woman.

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Well, this could be an evident incident of racism but also sexism. When two men wanted to speak and deliver their feelings about winning an Oscar, they were happily allowed to do that, but not a woman of colour. Her opportunity to speak was taken away from her in such a subtle way that maybe it was not even noticeable to most of us. But are we talking enough about this?

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