‘House Of The Dragon’ Ep4: Twitter Salutes Director Clare Kilner For Showing Sex Scenes From A Female Gaze

‘House Of The Dragon’ Ep4: Twitter Salutes Director Clare Kilner For Showing Sex Scenes From A Female Gaze

When House Of The Dragon was first announced a lot of people had made known their apprehensions; they were worried whether the prequel series would be able to match the phenomenon that Game of Thrones was. And with every episode, the prequel series is putting all these doubts to ease. In fact, the latest episode – episode 4 – was the one that was the most talked about on social media. From a brotherly reconciliation to a fallout yet again, the episode, King Of The Narrow Sea, has so many events taking place that blinking isn’t even on the cards. But the scenes that are most talked about in this one-hour episode are the sex scenes. The scenes were noticed by people on Twitter for being a lot different than one might expect out of Game of Thrones and the reason for that could be the fact that this episode of House Of The Dragon was directed by a woman director, Clare Kilner.

Yep, the fourth episode of House Of The Dragon was directed by a woman director, Clare Kilner. And many people on the internet believe that it is because of this very reason the nudity and sex scenes in the episode are more humane and add more depth to the character of Rhaenyra Targaryen. For those unversed, out of the 19 directors that directed the Game of Thrones series, one of them was a woman.



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One of the Twitter users pointed out that the camera work in episode 4 of House Of The Dragon had no titillation, lingering, or extra zoom shorts on women’s breasts. And that in a way conveys the message that sex is about intimacy but intimacy is more than just objectifying (or showing) the body.


The user writes, “When a main female character eventually has sex, her body isn’t framed in a lascivious way – she’s young, zealous, rebellious. her body language and the way her body is shot conveys that. simultaneously, we see another character going through the motions without feeling anything-“. They further point out that this is exactly why female directors and intimacy coordinators are required. The user says that just like in the episode of House Of The Dragon, the woman director, Clare Kilner, used sex as a meaningful plot where she showed character development without exploiting it.


In fact, many of the fans took to their respective Twitter to hail the woman director in House Of The Dragon for showing the sex and nude scenes with so much respect and care. Check out some of their tweets:

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And if you ask me, having a female director directing the sex and nudity scenes in House Of The Dragon makes all the difference in the world – the very major difference being that there is no violent gaze or unnecessary violence on women’s bodies. In fact, I’d say that the sex/nudity scenes move the plot ahead rather than just be the padding.

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