Hautetalk: Conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar Sending Love Letters To Jacqueline Fernandez Is Not Pyaar, It’s Harassment

Can he stop?
Hautetalk: Conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar Sending Love Letters To Jacqueline Fernandez Is Not Pyaar, It’s Harassment

Jacqueline Fernandez is currently in the news for the latest development in the conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar, related to the 200 crore money laundering. Throughout the course of the case, the actress has been a victim of emotional harassment, through consistent love letters. Ever since she has been a subject of great media scrutiny and is dealing with unnecessary spotlight. The actress’ alleged love affair with the conman, has been a topic of great interest for the internet, ever since some intimate pictures of the actress featuring love bites, and selfies.

Conman Sukesh chandrashekhar wrote a letter from jail on Jacqueline Fernandez's birthday-जैकलीन फर्नांडिस के जन्मदिन पर कॉनमैन सुकेश ने जेल से लिखी चिट्ठी! | Jansatta

Just recently, the actress moved courts, requesting them to protect her from the constant harassment implied by Sukesh. Requesting the court for protection, Jacqueline also mentioned that she wishes to not be related to the case, and would want to be disassociated from all the allegations. The new update also tells about the conman’s response to the actress’ allegations and has promised to bring the truth to life.

Ever since the case started, Sukesh has been vocally sharing some intimate pictures of the actress, with himself and consistently messaging her. Through his lawyer, Chandrasekhar often sends her love letters, that explain how she is putting a tab on her personal life. Not only is the unnecessary spying problematic, but also seems non-consensual, because even after many warnings and clarifications of cutting ties with him, he did not step back. She also had to move courts to get a shield from the same. In her plea, Fernandez also said that she is not related to the case, but just a target of the conman.

Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar Dedicates Jawan Song 'Chaleya' To Jacqueline Fernandez - odishabytes

While the case also looped in actress Nora Fatehi into the case, she was proved to be innocent in the same. Women related to the case have not only become key suspects but have also been scrutinised for everything they choose to do in life. The constant harassment and mental trauma that his love letters bring to the actress seem immeasurable. Well, it hasn’t been the first time that women have become victim of the wrong doings of men. Throughout the process of investigation, many times women go through extensive media trials.

Previously, actress Rhea Chakraborty also became a victim of a media trial, followed by the shocking, sudden demise of her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput. Besides being harassed by the media, Rhea’s character was assassinated often by everyone. In this case, the conman’s accusations against Jacqueline still remain a mystery, but what bothers us the most is his consistent messaging. I mean, can men not get it straight? And is this how Sukesh is using the letters to just remain in the news or whitewash his image for the media? If so, then this is quite ridiculous.

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These everyday messages and letters not only disclose some close or intimate conversations between them but also remain as proof of his inconsiderable behaviour towards the actress, who he declares to be his “baby girl,” and the love of his life. What remains as a problematic aspect, is that why would you send out these letters for public consumption, if you really care about them? Right? While the case is still an ongoing chatter for media and fans, we would like these letters and unnecessary messages from Sukesh to stop.

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