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Who Is Actor Mohit Raina’s Wife? All You Need To Know About Aditi And Their Lowkey Wedding

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I think most of my conversations with my female friends from when I studied English literature is the high romantic standards we tend to have because of all the fiction we read. And while I am more realistic when it comes to relationships, I admittedly love adorable everyday romances. And the more couples I have seen get married this past wedding season, I cannot help but maintain those romantic standards. One example of my standards is how a man talks and gushes about you behind your back and actor Mohit Raina is the perfect example of this as he spoke about his lowkey wedding and his wife, Aditi.


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Mohit Raina got married in a super lowkey wedding and surprised his fans with the wedding announcement on January 1, 2022. What a date to break the news, right? And now everyone’s been wondering about Aditi, his wife, and whether she is from the entertainment background or not. Well, looks like we finally have some answers.


Who is Aditi, wife of actor Mohit Raina?

In a recent interview, Mohit Raina spoke about his wife and answered questions about who his wife, Aditi is. Raina said that she isn’t from showbiz and is actually from a tech background. Raina said they were friends for a few years which eventually blossomed into something more. They mutually decided to take it forward and he met her family over the pandemic to ask for her hand in marriage. 

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Mohit Raina on having a low-key wedding

The Mumbai Diaries actor revealed that the reactions he has gotten to his wedding announcement has made him feel very loved and the responses were, “heartwarming, beautiful, and emotional” for him. He said that he chose to keep the ceremony lowkey as he is a private person and believes that there are certain things that an actor should keep private. As a private person myself, I agree.

In terms of the wedding ceremony, Raina said that “It was a beautiful feeling. There were emotions within which were beautiful and pure. (About the ceremony) It was dreamy, I would say.” Can he not raise the bar so high? Please and thank you! He also told Hindustan Times, “It’s a great feeling to be loved, to be in love, to be wanted, and to spend the good and bad moments with someone who cares about you.

Either I am easy to please or Mohit Raina is just THAT man. I don’t know about you but nothing makes me gush more than a man who is this in love with his wife and being married. In a world of nonsensical WhatsApp jokes about nagging wives, be a Mohit Raina. 

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