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Sanjay Khan Tweeted An Apology To Preity Zinta After He Failed To Recognise Her On A Flight. Such A Gentleman, No?

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When you’re famous for your work, you just assume that people are going to recognise you everywhere you go. Especially those people who belong to the same industry. But sometimes that is not the case. Take the instance of yesteryear’s Bollywood actor Sanjay Khan who failed to recognise Preity Zinta on a flight. In fact, he felt so bad for being unable to recognise her that he went on and apologised to Preity Zinta for it, on Twitter! He is quite the gentleman, isn’t he?

On Monday, veteran actor Sanjay Khan issued a public apology to actor Preity Zinta after he failed to recognise her on a flight to Dubai. He took to his Twitter to tender it, which is quite the public forum considering the incident happened in a much private setting.

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In his tweet, Sanjay Khan revealed that he was introduced to the actress by his daughter Simone Arora and went on to apologise to her. He tweeted, “Dear Preity- as a gentleman I thought its my duty to apologise tht I couldn’t recognize you when my daughter Simone introduced you on a flight to dubai. Only if Zinta was uttered I would have remembered you as I have seen many of ur films with ur beautiful face. @realpreityzinta” 


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Honestly, mistakes can happen from anyone, but it takes quite the guts to not only accept it but also apologise for the same. And Sanjay Khan apologising to Preity Zinta is not just him acknowledging that he made a mistake but also it shows that he respects her a lot as an actor. Respect that she has earned and deserves. 

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