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Mukesh Khanna Has A History Of Being Sexist. Here Are Some Other Times He Blatantly Degraded Women

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If we talk about superheroes, then let’s agree that they are supposed to be as close to ideal human beings as possible. Well, now the superheroes can be ideal but the actors who play them? Don’t have to be and most of the time is not ideal or even close to it. Just take the instance of our very own Indian superhero – Shaktimaan aka Mukesh Khanna. Oh boy, has that man managed to get on my every nerve and piss me off? Hell yes! Why? Because today morning I woke up to a video of him where he is essentially shaming women who want to have sex. And this is not the first time that Mukesh Khanna has made sexist remarks and defended them with more sexism.


Mukesh Khanna previously made a controversial statement during an interview about women should not compete with men and stay at home while the men go off to work. Needless to say, this sexist comment did not sit with many – especially the women.


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To defend that statement, Mukesh Khanna then had taken to his Instagram to share a 10-minute long video clip from the interview and said that someone is just showing a clip of the entire interview and so it is taken out of context. He wrote, “I am not against Women Working. As I said let me show you my full interview taken by someone from which this ‘ Vivadit Bayan’ has been taken to malign me that I mean This which I don’t mean. I was just commenting on how Me Too can happen. You can see yourself in this interview how I respect women.” 


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Furthermore, he shared an old video of himself wherein he is seen talking about the #MeToo movement. In the caption, Mukesh Khanna wrote that he was surprised when he saw that one of his statements was being interpreted wrongly. He said that he was told that he was against women and that can’t be true because he has the utmost respect for them. 

Mukesh Khanna added, “That I why I opposed the name LAXMI BOMB. I am concerned about the safety of women. I have spoken against every rape case. Some people have made a noise about the clipping of one of my interviews.” He further clarifies that he never said that women should not work, he was just saying how Me Too starts. (Does this man not see the irony here?).

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The actor went on to say that he was just throwing light on the problems that rises when a woman goes outside the house to work – for instance, the children are left alone. He said, “I was talking about male and female dharma, which has been going on for thousands of years.” Mukesh Khanna concludes by saying that he did not mean that the #MeToo happens when women go out to work. And requests his audience to not misinterpret the interview. 

And this is not the first time that Mukesh Khanna has made such sexist remarks. He even commented on Ratna Pathak Shah’s statements about how educated women keep the karwa chauth fast. He went on to say that she should remove ‘Pathak’ from her name.


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Honestly, I think that the patriarchy and sexism are so deeply ingrained in him that he can’t even see or understand that what he is saying is sexist. Duty of a woman and a man that people have been following for years are listed down by a patriarchal society. And times are changing, we’re living in the 21st century, and women of today are achieving heights and breaking the glass ceiling with utmost grace and confidence.

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