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Lady Gaga Gets Hit By A Stuffed Toy During Her Performance. Love Or Hate, It’s Not Okay To Throw Things At A Celeb

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Have you ever been to a concert? Well, if you have not I am sure you must have seen some moments from a live concert and honestly, it is crazy. Especially. If a very popular artist is performing on the stage, the fans sometimes go out of control. Well, out of love and fandom, people’s emotion accelerates during such live concerts, however, as gestures of love, fans throw many objects at the artists performing on stage. Sometimes it is out of anger too, but the problem is that in both cases, such behaviour is not acceptable and way not cool! The incident of Lady Gaga being hit by an object during her performance is a recent example to prove the entitled behaviour of fans who sometimes forget the difference between right and wrong.


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So in a recent event showcasing “fan’s love” towards the artist, the famous singer Lady Gaga got hit by an object during a live performance in a concert in Canada. In the viral video, you can see a stuffed doll thrown by someone from the huge crowd while the singer was performing her song ‘Hold My Hand.’ In fact, a similar incident about Gaga being thrown objects at went viral last month too. It’s high time that fans realise that such kinds of actions can turn out to be dangerous for the artist. The elation and thrill that fans get during the performance of their favourite artist should not make them forget that just out of love they are not entitled to throw objects at them. 

In fact, the excitement of the fans goes to such an extent that they even start throwing panties at them. A similar kind of news also made headlines when a few years back when some fans threw panties during the performance of K-Pop in Mexico. In fact, recently too, Johnny Depp also received love from his female fans in the form of bras and panties during his tour with Jeff Beck in the Oslo concert. I mean, this is not okay, rather it’s quite disrespectful and one does not know how the artist feels about it. Such love from fans is in no way cool and rather just enjoying your favourite artists and being present at their concert is enough to prove your love for them.

There was another incident that made headlines, but here the audience threw objects out of anger. This case happened a few weeks back when artist Kid Cudi performed in place of Kanye West, and the audience was not happy about this. In return, they started throwing stuff at him and in a viral video, Kid Cudi could also be seen asking people not to do it. Why would you hurl at an artist when he is just doing what he is supposed to do? Throwing objects, in this case, is a sheer example of how the audience in the crowd forgets their manners and uses such actions as a display of the love and hate emotions toward an artist.


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