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Gauahar Khan Offers To Buy Full Cart Of The Fruit Vendor After Video Of A Woman Smashing His Fruits Goes Viral

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You know the times when you’re stuck in traffic for a long time or are tired of the potholes or the ways that auto drives, etc.? Yep, just the thought if it is enough to drive you crazy and get you all frustrated. I mean, I understand road rage and I have even experienced how bad it can get, but the video I saw of a woman throwing and smashing fruits of the fruit vendor after his cart slightly touched her car, had me all furious. I get that you’re upset and maybe even possessive, but this is definitely no way to behave. In fact, I’m not the only one who thinks that. Even Gauahar Khan agrees and that is why she offered to buy the full cart of the fruit vendor who was subjected to this ridiculous behaviour.

Yep, after the video where the woman can be seen smashing fruits on the road in Bhopal went viral on social media, it caught the attention of Gauahar Khan who couldn’t help but comment on it. In her comment, Gauahar Khan called the woman a loser and even extended support to the fruit vendor by offering to buy his entire cart.


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Gauahar Khan wrote, “What a high headedloser . Shame on her . Please help me with any info on the fruit vendor, I’d like to buy his entire cart for him, that she caused loss to. Name her n shame her.”

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As per reports, the woman Gauahar Khan is referring to is the one who threw the fruits and smashed them on the road after the fruit vendor’s cart slightly brushed her car. From the sticker of her car, the woman has been identified as a university professor but her exact identity is unknown. In fact, on Tuesday, Avinash Lavania, Bhopal Collector, said that the matter is being investigated by the district authority.

Having watched the video, I really do hope that the fruit vendor gets justice. I understand road rage, but this is definitely not how one should behave – especially with the ones who are less fortunate. This is shameful.

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