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Amber Heard Recounts Being Sexually Assaulted By Johnny Depp With A “Bottle”, Claims He Threatened To “Carve Up” Her Face

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case continues to get ugly as the mudslinging continues in court. Currently, Amber Heard is testifying against her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp and in a recent update, the actress has accused him of sexually assaulting her and threatening to injure her. She also recounted several instances of alleged physical and sexual abuse on her second day on the witness stand in the defamation case filed by her ex-husband over an op-ed written by her for The Washington Post in December 2018 wherein she described herself as a ‘public figure representing domestic abuse’.

On Thursday, during her testimony, Amber Heard revealed that one month after their marriage in 2015, Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her and threatened to “carve up” her face with a broken bottle during a heated argument. She alleged that she once confronted the Pirates of the Caribbean actor about his drinking habit and in response he dared her to try and take the bottle of alcohol from him which she did. Sharing that she broke the bottle, Heard said that it set Johnny Depp off and he threw a bottle at her followed by beer and soda cans one after another. The actress said that Depp held a broke bottle against her face near her neck and jawline and told her that he would carve up her face while screaming that she “ruined his life”. Breaking down, she further claimed that her ex-husband ripped her clothes and went on to sexually assault her with a bottle while threatening to kill her. “Johnny had the bottle inside of me and was shoving it inside of me over and over again,” said the actress.

Speaking further Amber Heard shared that she somehow managed to escape. The next morning she came down from her bedroom only to find that Johnny Depp had used blood from his finger to paint and write “incoherent” messages on the mirrors, walls, lampshades and other surfaces of the house. She claimed to not know how the actor’s fingertip was cut off. The Aquaman actress also recalled another incident where Johnny Depp allegedly slapped and kicked her on an airplane after he found out that she took up a job with James Franco. She stated that Depp had accused her of having an affair with her co-star and called her a slut.

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On Wednesday, Amber Heard had accused Johnny Depp of sexually assaulting her in search of cocaine. Recounting the spine-chilling details of the incident, the actress shared that they were at a party in a desert with some friends when a woman leaned on her as she was high on mushrooms but this enraged Depp who yelled at the woman and then took Amber to their trailer to talk about the incident. She claimed that Depp blamed her for instigating the woman and started screaming at her and then started looking for something. The Aquaman actress stated that Johnny Deoo asked her where she was hiding it but she didn’t know what he was looking for. She further added that the actor then began patting her down and then ripped her dress and grabbed her breasts, and touched her thighs before ripping off her underwear. “He then proceeded to do a cavity search. He said he was looking for his drugs, his cocaine,” she said. Speaking further, Heard claimed that he “shoved his fingers” inside her and twisted his fingers around and she just stood there as she didn’t know how to react and what to do.

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FYI, Johnny Depp had earlier given a four-day long testimony where he denied being physically abusive towards Amber Heard and accused her of being violent towards him. The 58-year-old actor had sued Amber Heard for implying that he was a domestic abuser and filed a defamation suit seeking $50 Million in damages. In response, Heard countersued the actor seeking $100 Million in damages claiming she suffer abuse at his hands.

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