Twitter User’s Learning From Having A Male Business Partner Proves That Women Can Never Escape Workplace Sexism

The gender bias and sexism that happens in a work culture in most fields of professional space is a raging issue that we are all familiar with. Believe it or not, women face it, and there are been dialogues around it too. And irrespective of a woman’s seniority level in a workspace, sexism is an evil she can never escape. Very recently, a Twitter user clearly talked about it in a thread. The user shared all her learnings of being a business partner to a man. In the Twitter thread, the user clearly mentions the kind of biased treatment she received in the professional space as a counterpart to a male business partner. It will be an eye-opener that no matter what, the conventional mindset still demeans a woman’s capability.

A Twitter user by the name of Priyanka shared her personal experience on the social media platform, which is basically a hard truth of our society. The first point that she raised was how people who have known you for a long time would still prefer going to approach the male counterpart for all professional advice. I wonder why do people doubt a woman’s capability of being good at their job and giving good advice too. This kind of behaviour coming from known people especially, sometimes also can become demoralising.

Secondly, the Twitter user listed that when she shared the company’s profile with someone, which also had a book on which both the business partners had worked together. The man chose the male business partner to pass on his wishes of pursuing to pen down a book. In fact, the user also put out the fact that women interns feel more comfortable sharing problems with female bosses but at the same time, they will find all the irrelevant excuses to not do the work assigned by the female boss. 

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However, the thread ended with the user clearly mentioning that she has had some good experiences with the clients too. The user stated that the company also has such employees who do not have such a sexist or biased approach to their seniors, and approach whoever is available regardless of gender.

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So the point here that we can very well conclude is that no matter how much hard work and intelligence women put into reaching heights, they still have to be victims of the evils of society. Women deal with patriarchal mindsets and sexism at every point in their life, personal or professional space. Even if she breaks it all to reach an authoritative position, it still does not change anything for them. Why?

Twitter User Says That Women Will Be Just As Lonely As Men In The Future. This Is Just Saddening!

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