In Chennai, Uber Driver Gets Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Journalist Student, Police Says She Can’t File FIR As No Lady Officers Were Present

As a woman, I don’t like to travel in auto rickshaws and cabs alone at night because it is quite dangerous. And if you are someone who thinks I am just exaggerating, then you should read this Twitter thread. In Chennai, an uber auto driver was arrested after he sexually assaulted a journalist student. The student narrated the whole incident on Twitter.

In a Twitter thread, the journalist student named Ishita Singh mentioned that she and her friend had booked the Uber autorickshaw ride from a restaurant to a hotel in Semmancheri. When she was stepping out of this auto and her friend was paying for the ride, the accused driver identified as Selvam Gothamdam touched her inappropriately. Sharing a few pictures, she wrote, “I’m a student journalist at @ACJIndia, Chennai. An Uber Auto driver named Selvam sexually assaulted me by pressing my right breast, near Ibis OMR Hotel, when my friend and I returned from East Coast Madras to the hotel,” and tagged the Tamil Nadu Police.


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The Twitter user added that the accused driver fled from the spot after she raised an alarm. Following the incident, she dialled the police but there was no response. However, a police officer along with a man came to the hotel after 30 minutes. But he told them that they have to wait till morning to file an FIR against the driver because no lady officers were present at the station.

In another tweet, she mentioned that she wrote an application instead of an FIR outside the police station. She added that the police ask you to file an application instead of an FIR in order to suppress the matter and to avoid the workload. The woman mentioned that she filed an online FIR against the driver.

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Furthermore, the journalist student mentioned that the incident was so traumatic that she and her friend still cannot process it and she will never forget the driver’s face.


The student journalist said that the accused driver was arrested, and his auto along with CCTV footage was seized. 

The incident proves why taxis, cabs, and autos are such a nightmare for women. We hope the culprit gets severely punished.

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