8 Reasons Why My Brother Is My Best Friend!

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From fighting for the remote to keeping secrets from our folks, my brother and I have come a long way. He has literally always been there, through thick and thin. Whether you have an elder sibling or younger, he is the one who has always had your back. Even if all my brother and I do is fight, I know he loves me more than I love myself! Now, you obviously don’t need a special day to show your love to him, but since one already exists, might as well use it, right? It’s the festival of rakshabandhan today and, for once, I will let my brother irritate me all he wants!

There are a million reasons why I call my younger brother my bestest friend on this planet. But, here are a few of those reasons that every girl with a brother or brother-like friend will relate to.

1. Bodyguard For Life

While my brother can say whatever he wants to me (*rolls eyes*), anyone else dare say anything about me and they will have to face him! I know if anything goes wrong, he is the one person who will always be by my side, regardless of whether I am wrong or right. My brother stays up late if I am out for a party, every time. He will not let my mom compromise on sleep because I am out enjoying. That’s my brother — protective and caring! And he is the youngest in the house.

2. Secret Keeper

There are certain things you share with your parents, some with your friends and then there is your brother, with whom you can share anything at all without the fear of being judged. Also, he knows the consequences of gossiping about his own sister, so he will take my secrets to heaven with him — from my stupid boy problems to letting me splurge his pocket money over stationary. Not that he doesn’t blackmail me later, but that’s the part of the deal! A deal that I’m most happy to make.

3. Partner In Crime

What happens when you are hungry at midnight and there is nothing tasty at home? You turn to your brother with a puppy face! He will give in to your tantrums and fetch you some good food for you. That’s what my brother does — or at least he orders for takeaway! Whenever I need permission for something that I know will be a little tricky to get from my parents, my brother steps in and helps me convince them. We are both adults but we still enjoy ringing doorbells and running away from the crime site. Some things never change and one of those things is your relationship with your brother.

4. Worse Than An Enemy

Yes, there are times when I feel like with my brother around, I don’t need an enemy. But that’s the beauty of this beautiful relationship. You fight, get angry, don’t talk for days and then, just like that, things go back to being normal like nothing happened! At the end of the day, we both need each other and will always be there for each other.

5. Source Of Happiness

I don’t need a tub of ice cream when I’m sad — I have my brother to make me laugh and feel better. He makes these sarcastic comments that are funny and insulting, all at once. For instance, once when I asked him whether the wifi was slow, he turned to me and, with a straight face, said, “The wifi is fine, it’s your brain that is slow!” Yes, he thinks he is hilarious. But I guess he is kinda funny — life would be dull if it weren’t for him.

6. The Love For Cooking

The one thing, well two things, we both love, is eating and cooking! There have been days when we have donned our aprons and started cooking, obviously making a mess of the kitchen. Which leads to two things — tasty dishes and death glares from mom. We have successfully mastered our culinary skills over dangerous food fights!

7. I Can Be Me

The only person in the world who I don’t have to impress is my brother. I can be the monkey that I am in front of him and he will not judge. Yes, he does tell me that my IQ is less than that of a newborn child’s and that no one will ever marry me, but I guess that’s part of his job description as a brother. But a brother is one who is proud of you even when you think no one else is.

8. Best Friend

There are days when I want the room to myself, when I want him to go away but recently, when he met with a minor accident, I know how it felt to have that fear of losing him forever. However annoying he may be, he will always be my baby brother. He will always be that friend that God has gifted me — even if he was found in the dustbin!

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