Here’s Everything We Know About 13 Reasons Why Season 2!

Here’s Everything We Know About 13 Reasons Why Season 2!

The much awaited season 2 of the hit Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, finally has a date, and we cannot wait to know what happens next! Come May 18, and we’ll be graced with the presence of Clay and clan on our screens. Hate it or love it, everyone is waiting in anticipation.

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And the trailer has made the question make in our heads, even bigger. From the looks of it, there won’t be any tapes but polaroids. Wait. Does that mean someone has visual proof of everything that happened to Hannah? We can only guess for the next two weeks.

The original series was adapted from a book that goes by the same name. So, it will be interesting to how the creators have taken the story ahead.

But what we do know is that we’re in for a lot more than we expected!

1. Hannah Is Still The Lead Character

The story of Hannah continues in season 2, and she is still very much at the core of the series.  Though, she won’t be the narrator. So who’s going to be doing all the talking? We have no clue yet. But the development will be along the lines of everyone else’s perspective of Hannah’s journey.

2. Jessica’s Story Is Going To be In Focus

Her way of dealing with the trauma of harassment, gives it an angle of relatibility. These are harrowing experiences every woman has gone through. The hope is that her character gets justice and that’s a huge step ahead in her healing process.

3.  Masculinity Issues Will Be Questioned

The manner in which women are treated differently from men, and the various loopholes in our cultural thinking will be highlighted and other such important topics will be discussed. Gender equality seems like a one of the central lines of this season. We are happy obvs happy about it!

4. Warning Announcement Before Every Episode

Surrounding the controversies of last season, this time, every episode will have a warning announcement given by one member of the cast. It will give a fair warning into what the episode is going to be like, gruesome or one that is going to require copious amounts of Kleenex.

5.  Seven New Characters

According to Variety, the show will have seven new characters to give a new twist to the plot. Anne Winters will play a new head cheerleader named Chloe; Bryce Cass will play an “edgy, cynical mischief maker” named Cyrus; Chelsea Alden stars as Cyrus’ sister Mackenzie; Allison Miller will aim to impress as an ambitious young litigator named Sonya; Samantha Logan debuts as a track star named Nina; Kelli O’Hara will play a Jackie, a “warm, intelligent, passionate advocate for victims of bullying”; and Ben Lawson, who will play Rick, the new baseball coach at Liberty High.


Here are a few images from the first look of the show that Netflix released.


13 Reasons Why Season 2_Hauterfly


13 Reasons Why Season 2_Hauterfly


13 Reasons Why Season 2_Hauterfly


13 Reasons Why Season 2_Hauterfly


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