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Bisexual People Aren’t Promiscuous And Confused, It’s Time To Accept That!

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Bisexuality is romantic and/or sexual attraction to more than one gender. Therefore it is generally assumed that they have a wider pool of people to get into a relationship with since gender is not a bar for them. This potential to date multiple genders might sound like such an amazing thing, but this also is one of the major reasons behind bisexual erasure. Bisexual people neither lie in the box of heterosexuals nor homosexuals, they lie in the middle of the spectrum.

This makes it easy for people to erase their identity by labelling it as just an experimental phase and that they will eventually choose one or the other. This uncomfortably among the people with people who enjoy both sexes leads them to viciously attack them for their way of living and sexual identity. These attacks are however just the manifestation of their biphobia, therefore these nonsensical attacks are just pure myths which need to be busted.

There are so many myths about the people from the bisexual community that it’s literally on the verge of invisibility. We really need to explore these myths because it’s about time to bring equality to the community as a whole. This isn’t fair. Is it?

What Are These Myths?

The most common myth associated with the Bisexual community is that it is just a “phase” or that they are just confused. This is just plain absurd, this is like equating bisexuality to your one crazy drunken adventure of kissing someone of the same sex. This isn’t a phase or any kind of confusion, it is their identity and who they are. Also, Bi folk aren’t all cheating, threesome-obsessed, indecisive, hypersexualised beings. Just because they are attracted to more than one gender doesn’t mean that they are attracted to every breathing bundle of flesh that looks their way. 

Even for bisexual people, there is a difference in perception and acceptance toward bi-men and bi-women. It is easier for people to accept a bi-woman than a bi-man, this can just be attributed to the toxic masculinity associated with any man. But the bi-women are also scrutinised and shamed to be more promiscuous and hypersexual. It is assumed that they can’t keep it in their pants and will jump on every person that looks their way. This is just another way of slut shaming a bi-woman and hence, the common perception is that they can’t be trusted to be monogamous and loyal to a single person.

Some researchers found that bisexual women, compared to lesbians and heterosexual women, were evaluated as more confused, promiscuous, non-monogamous, neurotic, extraverted, and open to experiences. These myths are just the way of society and its members to demean and shame bisexuals in general and bi-women in particular.

These made-up facts and biased beliefs are what is one major problem in society and the worst part is no one actually takes the effort to fact-check these accusations or stand in solidarity with the ones ridiculed because of their sexual orientation because well, isn’t it just easier to accept a random fact that supports your internal bias than actually finding the truth?

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Let’s stop being sheep following someone blindly. Open your eyes, evaluate everything and always be accepting and open to changing your opinion about everything in the world. Bisexuality is legit and it’s beyond just essential to understand and accept that.

People Who Think Bisexuality Is Not Real Need To ‘Phase’ Out!

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