3 Things That Went Wrong With Rani Mukerji’s Dada Saheb Award Night Makeup Look

No concealer lips please!
3 Things That Went Wrong With Rani Mukerji’s Dada Saheb Award Night Makeup Look

The illustrious Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2024 unfolded in Mumbai, a dazzling event that brought together a constellation of Bollywood stars. As the spotlight shone on the red carpet, the luminaries of the film industry graced the occasion in their sartorial best. However, amidst the glitz and glamour, the critical eye of fashion enthusiasts couldn’t help but zoom in on one particular aspect—the makeup of the ever-graceful Rani Mukerji.

While the evening was a celebration of cinematic achievements, Mukerji’s makeup choices garnered attention for all the unexpected reasons. Keep on reading to know what they are.

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1. Concealer Lip Catastrophe

Rani Mukherji opted for a very light pink lipstick, intending to achieve a subtle, nude lip look. However, the choice backfired, resulting in what can only be described as a concealer lip look. Light-colored lipsticks, especially on brown Indian skin tones, often require a dark brown lip liner for definition. This omission left her lips looking washed out, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right nude shade and complementing it with a suitable lip liner.


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2. Blush Blunder on Round Cheeks

Another noticeable flaw in Mukherji’s makeup was the misplacement of blush. Applied too forward on the apples of her cheeks, the blush did little to flatter her round face shape. Ideally, blush should be applied from the cheekbones to the temple, creating a lifted appearance. This misstep highlighted the significance of understanding facial contours and choosing the right placement for a more flattering effect.


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3. Ghostly Under Eyes with Bright Concealer

The use of a bright concealer to lighten the hollows under Mukherji’s eyes turned into a ghostly blunder. The stark contrast drew attention to the under-eye area in an unflattering manner. Opting for a concealer that matches the skin tone more closely would have achieved a brightening effect without the stark contrast, showcasing the importance of subtlety in concealer application.


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So what do you think of this Rani Mukerji makeup look?

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