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Mop Up All That Makeup With These Natural Makeup Removers

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You know, they say that you should never sleep with makeup on, right? Yeah, there are two things that throw a spanner in the works when it comes to that. One, I am extremely lazy, and when there’s a bed involved, there’s a 99% chance I will pick the option to land face first into my pillow and pass out. Second, I need to have a makeup remover handy. By handy, I mean within an arm’s reach, and one that does the job quickly. If you’re anything like me, you’ll know there’s nothing you can do about being lazy. And makeup removers? Well, they can be pesky. Sometimes, they won’t be effective enough, and sometimes, they will be the cause of a pimple debuting on your cheek.

So, if you are looking for quick makeup removal, but are unsure of what to pick and what will really work, we have broken it down here. Here’s a bunch of products that work well to break makeup down and keep your skin squeaky clean. Plus, they’re all natural so you can trust in them completely.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the overachiever of the natural world. This works in your hair, for your lips, for your skin, and can double up as a makeup remover as well. You simply have to work it into your skin, break it down with gentle, circular strokes, and emerge on the other side with better skin. Stock up on this little multi-tasker!

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Olive Oil

When this oil is not making your heart healthy and greatly reducing your guilt about eating fried food, it can be a great makeup remover. Soak up the oil on a cotton ball and swipe away. Since this is natural, you will have to give it time to erase all traces of makeup. Let it sit on your face for a few seconds, and then take it off with a clean cotton pad.

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Cucumber Juice

Mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, glitter. The eyes really do get the short end of the stick when it comes to makeup. This is where you need a remover that really delivers. And cucumbers do just that. Take the juice of a cucumber for this. It’s a gentle remover, and a great way to soothe and calm your skin down as well. If you’ve been heavy handed with the makeup, you might need to go over with oils as well to really strip off all the makeup.

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Cleopatra was really on to something with the elaborate milk baths. Of course, dunking yourself into a tub of milk is not what we are recommending, but a cotton ball dipped in it could do the job. Apply the milk liberally with cotton balls, and then wipe away for cleansed but hydrated skin.

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The probiotics in yogurt are not just great for your gut. They are great for your skin too! Yoghurt can help lift off the makeup without irritating your skin. It’s also nourishing, so your skin will actually thank you for it. Apply the yogurt, let it sit for a couple of seconds, and then wash away with water to reveal a glowing face. Okay, at least a clean face.

Have you tried any of these natural makeup removers? Which one worked for you?

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